La Maison de la Truffe settles in at Gourmet

maison de la truffe

La Maison de la Truffe, dedicated to promoting the black diamond of the gourmet world since 1932, is settling in at Galeries Lafayette Haussmann Gourmet. 

Invitation to a sensual journey focusing on that precious tuber, Atelier Maison de la Truffe rewrites the codes and revisits the traditional basics of Street Food. Sit down to the copper counter and discover the Truffle in hamburgers, hot dogs or on a gourmet latter, along with a glass of wine… 

Enjoy some of the great classics of the House as well: Risotto, scrambled eggs, cheeses with ruffles or the Black Truffle Madeleine…. For a quick lunch, the Atelier also offers dishes for takeaway. As for its shop, the Atelier proposes a wide range of truffle-infused products, whether the tuber is Black, White or Seasonal: Fresh truffles, famous olive oils, condiments, delicious dishes for an cocktail buffet, sweetmeats, and more. 

A unique, innovative concept based on Truffles, just what it takes to tickle the gourmet tastebuds.

Available as from 22 September on the ground floor of Gourmet

maison de la truffe