A Spectacular Spectacular Christmas

From 8 November to 31 December

To celebrate the end of 2017, Galeries Lafayette invites you to reawaken the child within you.

Among the spectacular, joyful decorations inspired by a life-size fairground with a surrealist twist,
follow the love story between a pigeon, Pierre, and his dove, Coco.

Our two protagonists find each other in this fairground theatre, the common thread running throughout the window displays
and inside the store right up to the tree underneath the dome, diffusing this undeniable, celebratory spirit of Christmas.

A stunning festival! A spectacular festival!

A magical and playful tree

Nurture the spirit of Christmas at Galeries Lafayette

A gigantic, spectacular tree surrounded by an abundance of balloons and giant candy made from mylar foil, all scattered around under the Dome.

Come and explore from 9th November!


Fairground in the windows

The famous window displays of Galeries Lafayette in the colours of a Spectacular Spectacular Christmas

Follow the feverish race between Pierre, the hero pigeon, and his sweetheart, the gentle dove Coco, through the windows on Boulevard Haussmann.

Come and explore from 9th November!


An incredible immersive experience

All aboard the Rollercoaster

Discover a breathtaking virtual reality experience: take a 360 degree dive into an enchanted world that humorously twists the codes of the fairground!

The first of its kind in France! Be the first to try it out.


A terrace that just gets more and more incredible

Visit the most exclusive rooftop in the capital

A moment to unwind before a breathtaking sunset at the Ice Cube Bar, a quick photo in a hot air balloon or even travelling back in time thanks to a time machine? There are always plenty of surprises in store on the Galeries Lafayette terrace…