BsaB: 100% organic, natural candles and diffusers


Derived from the Japanese concept of wabi-sabi, which combines the beauty of nature with a search for a spiritual aesthetic, the BsaB brand offers natural products of exceedingly high quality.

Produced in France, the BsaB essential oils, 100% organic and natural, invite you on a journey to discover fragrances from around the world. As the choice of materials and respect for nature are at the heart of the BsaB operations, its products are manufactured in Asia’s most eco-friendly plant in the Bangkok countryside – a zero carbon factory, totally self-sustainable.

BsaB produces chic ecological diffusers and candles of soja wax and bees wax that respect the environment, produced from recycled bottles with the initial intention of offering each product a second life. 

Available as from 9 September on the 2nd floor of Maison.