Chanel sunglasses: chic and cavalier allure


Chanel is celebrating its new Summer 2018 collection of sunglasses against an industrial backdrop inspired by the latest Métiers d’Art Paris-Hamburg show.

An ode to pearls
The frames are set with pearls, held dear by Mrs. Chanel, and combine expertise and ultra-femininity to give a timeless modernity.

Exclusively and only available on the podium in the Coupole store
Chanel has created its round sunglasses set with 26 pearls in a new version with pink mirror-tinted lenses.

Sunglasses with an elegant and liberated allure, for a chic look that is as absolute as it is nonchalant
Chanel celebrates its new Summer 2018 collection of sunglasses on the central podium on the ground floor of the Coupole store until 26th June.