Chaos cases arrive at Haussmann

Chaos, a brand of luxury technology & travel accessories, has arrived at Galeries Lafayette as an exclusive in France!

Chaos hsm

Designed jointly by Bureau Betak and Storey Studio, this brand new space will make you feel like you’re joining a private, exclusive club. It has been created to reflect the Chaos philosophy: offering bespoke luxury at your fingertips.

Brilliantly imagined and designed, the Chaos space is attractive and playful. It is a mix of retro-curved lines from the 60s with a boudoir feel. 

A large dark blue leather sofa awaits you with iPads that you can use to help think up the best way to customise your mobile to suit you! 

 There are two exclusive models available at Galeries Lafayette, one inspired by a thoroughly French quirk, customised with a cigarette packet, and the other nods to the Chinese new year, placing the dog at centre stage.

Available now on the 1st floor of the main store.