Christofle & Nendo present Constellation

The Parisian brand that magnifies radiance and elegance since 1830, through its Lifestyle and Jewellery creations, Christofle presents its new collection in collaboration with Japanese design studio Nendo.

The jewellery house uses its exceptional skill with boldness and modernity to enhance the precious moments of existence.


The combination of beautiful and useful is at the heart of Christofle’s creations, and this new collection is no exception.

Designed in conjunction with Japanese design studio Nendo, Constellation unveils a range of objects with Asian accents, all of them full of simplicity and elegance. Each expresses the meeting of two talents: the manufacturing expertise of Christofle, a jewellery making specialist, and the Japanese aesthetics of Nendo, powerful and delicate.constellation


Constellation is also the story of a journey, told under the symbol of the Sakura. Considered as the symbol of ephemeral beauty, the cherry tree and its blossom have a veritable cult following in Japan. In springtime, the cherry blossom, or Sakura flowers, bloom in their thousands on tree branches, immersing Japanese gardens in an intense pink colour.

Nendo has taken inspiration from this phenomenon to create the carved motif out of precious metal. The designer associated this image of flowering with the myriad of stars shining in the sky. Each engraved flower is linked by a single line, drawing a new cosmogony.christofle

Available now on the 2nd floor of Maison.