Dinner is served with matchless Serax tableware

Founded in 1986 by brothers Serge and Axel Van Den Bossche, Serax renews styles and materials, extraordinary objects that tell a story, without ever losing sight of their fundamental philosophy of accessibility, quality and aesthetics.

From tableware, glassware and furniture to flower pots and lighting, every Serax collection is meticulously selected with a view to creating living spaces that inspire happiness. Every collection is produced in the traditional way, in constant harmony with the designer’s aesthetics and philosophy.  

With an extensive collection of tableware, Serax now sets the tone for beautifully presented dishes on both private and professional tables. 


In 2013, Anita Le Grelle decided to dissect one of her works of art and, from the clay she managed to extract, to create a mould in the shape of a small bowl. No joy: it came out looking like a plate, before becoming a platter… it was then that Anita realised that Terres De Rêves could make a stunning dinner service.

Her work is characterised by extremely detailed work, a skein of imperfections and unique features which, in turn, seem to come together to give substance to a new form of perfection, fragile and delicate.

With her usual verve, Anita once again delights foodies of all persuasions, with a series of beautiful ceramic bowls, dishes and platters in various shades of blue, grey and rust. The extraordinary colours, undeniable elegance, subtle shapes and pleasant feel of the Terres De Rêves collection will transport you into the realms of daydreams at every meal.

Available now on the 2nd floor of Maison.