Fashioning change

In 2019, Galeries Lafayette is fashioning change. To ensure that everyone can enjoy increasingly inspiring, positive and diverse fashion. To offer our customers a selection of products that are fairer and more sustainable. To explore, together with our employees and partners, new ways to produce, serve and consume. To make sure that our stores have a positive impact in the city centres where they are located.

Increasingly inspiring and positive fashion

Kimberley Drew, Charlotte Dereux, Hafsia Herzi and Spencer Phipps were chosen as ambassadors of operation “Fashioning change”, launched by Galeries Lafayette Paris Haussmann with a view to celebrating fashion.

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Young creation is changing fashion

During the “Fashioning change” event, Galeries Lafayette is celebrating 30 years of the ANDAM Fashion Award. Six partner fashion houses have joined together with eight winners of the “Grand Prix” and the “Fashion Accessories Prize” to embark on coordinated projects that revisit iconic items, explore know-how and offer unique creations.

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Good places

To change fashion, visit our various spaces to learn more about responsible fashion. 

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Good events

During the “Fashioning change” event, Galeries Lafayette invites shoppers to a series of talks on topics that focus on positive changes in the fashion industry. 


For several years, Galeries Lafayette has been transitioning towards fashion that is more respectful of people and the environment. After making various commitments to transform its own brands and products, in 2018 the store launched Go for Good, a global movement towards more responsible fashion.