Hire fashion with Panoply

What if you could finally treat yourself to your dream piece of clothing?

PANOPLY, the website democratising luxury, and its wildest outfits, is setting up at Galeries Lafayette Paris Haussmann. For those women who love to change themselves and their clothes, those who swear allegiance only to the most fleeting of fashions, those who “never have anything to wear”, PANOPLY & GL are offering a bold, dynamic and creative wardrobe.

Been invited to a wedding, cocktail party, night out or art exhibition?

The idea is simple:
Come and hire your outfit from Panoply, which offers an iconic designer wardrobe, as a one-off or for a monthly subscription starting from €60*.

Choose the outfit you want and enjoy it for 8 days! Dry cleaning and delivery are included.

Try it on, hire it, enjoy it then start again!

Discover Panoply, from 6th April, on the 3rd floor of the main store.


*3 month minimum subscription.