Indulge in the iced pleasure of La Fabrique Givrée!

The good weather is back!
Indulge in the iced pleasure of La Fabrique Givrée in a pop-up store at le Gourmet.


What if we went in search of the ultimate iced pleasure? That is the completely nutty challenge that these three, foodie-mad, childhood friends set themselves. In their artisan lab in the Ardèche, they devote themselves to creating the most incredible iced products with a single objective: to blow your mind. The proof is in (3 spoonfuls of) the pudding.

Choose the best of the best. Seasonal products, that taste out of this world, and are local, if possible. And we don’t have to go far, since our home region, the Ardèche and the Rhône valley, is teeming with delicious trinkets! And if our treasure hunt takes us further afield, then our quality requirements remain the same.

Root out a through-and-through pastry chef-cum-artist, who is fun, quirky, with a wild imagination and has extensive experience at the big brands. Through their mastery of products, flavours and textures, their creativity will know no bounds.

 Jazz things up with a few secret ingredients. Indulgence, passion, love, madness, genius, sharing, originality, sincerity, generosity…and a whole heap of other delicious words that will remain a mystery…and a scoop of ice cream.

La Fabrique Givrée pop-up store, available from 2nd May on the ground floor of le Gourmet.