children's department

Located on the 5th floor of our store, the new Children’s department is like walking into a daydream. It is a fantasy garden, a park of wonders, a land bursting with colours and constantly changing to take its explorers on new adventures. Children come here to dress-up, to play and to travel: being small has never been so big, here at Galeries Lafayette Paris Haussmann. The children’s department also has lots of new arrivals. Amongst them, you can explore a digital aquarium, which transforms children’s drawings into interactive fish. There are also creative and inspiring French brands. And for eco-conscious parents, the new “Baby Green” corner has a selection of environmentally friendly brands and trends with some absolute gems.


The Shoe Park

Welcome to the biggest children’s shoes department in Europe, housing all-new premium brands as well as a fresh sneakers space dedicated to the most iconic styles. The setting has been designed to resemble a children’s skatepark and hides a giant screen inside to keep kids entertained whilst parents choose the shoes.

The Toy Kingdom

Designed around giant building block-like shapes, the toy department has an incredible selection to choose from that has something for everyone. There is a playground in the middle, which hosts numerous activities designed to entertain and take children on new adventures. Why not start with the giant interactive aquarium that brings to life amazing fish drawings?

The Luxury Department

The new children’s floor also unveils a luxury department filled with the stuff that parents and children’s dreams are made of. Whether you’re looking for the perfect princess present or for a special occasion, there is a wide selection of cutting edge brands to help create a sophisticated wardrobe, with nods to both the latest fashions as well as drawing on adult aesthetics to create adorable children’s looks.

The Summer – Winter Shack

Surrounded by stuffed animal heads for that winter chalet feel, and rubber rings to take you back to those summer swims, this place tailors its range all year round, offering items you need for your winter sports or for frolicking in the surf.