Puma & MCM, a limited edition paying tribute to Hip-Hop culture


Legendary brands Puma and MCM are reinterpreting the iconic suede trainer, in honour of its 50th birthday.
The result is an ice-cool classic with a stylish monogrammed design. 
Available from 24th March at l’Homme!


Created in Germany in 1968, the Suede is a shoe for any occasion, from the basketball courts to the streets, worn by MCs of the 80s. First launched in 1976, MCM’s Visetos canvas is a symbol of fashion and creativity for jetsetters of old and wanderers of new. Alone and together, they are icons of hip-hop culture, the ultimate signifiers of street authenticity.

Today, MCM has redesigned the Suede, by viewing its heritage through the lens of modern luxury to create a limited edition shoes and clothing line. Puma & MCM are paying tribute to the founding days of hip-hop, when brands became the expressions of music culture. The resulting designs channel the DIY spirit of the era and deliver new urban icons of today.

Manufactured in Italy, the 50th anniversary Suede reinvents the codes of the classic shoe by focussing on texture and details. Its upper is made from elegant and durable Visetos canvas, specially designed for this product to provide extra ventilation and comfort.

As for the clothing line, the mandatory hip-hop tracksuit tops and bottoms of the time are redesigned with elegance and sophistication. The reissue PUMA jacket has a slim fit to create a classic urban silhouette.

Discover the Puma & MCM collection, from 24th May, at l’Homme.