Reveal yourself with Livy

LIVY, premium lingerie label founded by Lisa Chavy, in a pop-up store at Galeries Lafayette Haussmann!


“I’ve always been fascinated by lingerie, because it is the closest item to the body, to intimacy and to feelings. You can sense it without seeing it, like a seductive, secret frontier that only women can reveal.”                                                                                                                                               Lisa Chavy 

Like all modern women who can travel the world in just a click or a swipe, Livy is multi-faceted. It is a savvy contrast between tradition and modernity, sensuality and power. As such, Livy is divided into three towns and lifestyles, tailored to every moment: Paris, sexy & seductive – New York, designer & graphic – Los Angeles, chilled & slow life.

A mix of fantasy, boldness and sweetness that enables women to reinvent themselves every day. To stay connected and inspired, Livy also collaborates with a collective of artists, stylists and designers from around the world, the LIVYSTUDIO.

We love we create we women we LIVY.

Discover the Livy pop-up store, from 11th April to 2nd May, on the 4th floor of the main store.LIVY