The Pierre Marcolini Maison pop-up at Lafayette Gourmet

For more than twenty years, Pierre Marcolini, founder of the eponymous Maison established in 1995, has perfected a craftmanship in chocolate, from the cocoa bean to the chocolate bar.

Today Pierre Marcolini is the creative director for the Maison, renowned beyond his chocolates for his ethical views and for selecting his suppliers of the grand crus of cocoa directly from independent producers in Peru, Cuba, Cameroon and Madagascar, not to mention many other regions in the world.

Always in search of brand new flavors, he travels the four corners of the globe to source the rarest cocoa and the ingredients responsible for the success of his creations. Pink peppercorns from Morocco, pistachios from Iran, Tahitian vanilla, Sicilian bergamot and lemons, and hazelnuts from Piedmont take you on a journey of discovery of exceptional rare, unexpected essences.

Focus on the Maison’s iconic creations that have revolutionised the world of chocolate:


Created in 2000, the Coeur framboise is the quintessential emblem of the Maison Marcolini. A delectable metaphor for romantic sentiments, this heart-shaped tidbit contains a dark chocolate ganache tinged with raspberry fruit and the zing of lemon zest. The Coeur framboise has since been made available in other flavors and textures such as Lemon, Passionfruit, Pistachio Praline, Nougat Praline and Salted Caramel.


Since we talk of biting into a square of chocolate, Pierre Marcolini has created a square chocolate bar, easy to divide up for savoring. And thus was born the “Carré2 Chocolat” bar.


Pierre Marcolini has imagined the most delectable array of chocolates with this range of dark chocolate squares sourced from beans around the world. Each square offers a unique flavor, depending on the cocoa bean used and its origin. A beautiful journey with stopovers in Brazil, Ecuador, Peru, Java and Cuba.

Be sure to also try his 2 Easter creations, created exclusively for Fine Foods.

Available on the ground floor of Gourmet from 7 March to 3 April.  
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