Christian Louboutin is opening LOUBiFAMILY in the Children’s Department.

In the Children’s Department on the 5th floor, discover exclusively to the Main Store, the LoubiFamily. A unique concept offering collections for all the family. Dive into the world of comic strips in this corner born straight from the imagination of Christian Louboutin.

LoubiFamily, a new chapter in the story of Maison Christian Louboutin

Exclusively to Galeries Lafayette Paris Haussmann, Christian Louboutin is installing its latest project, LoubiFamily, a collection for all the family! This new collection of products for children and pets is now available for the first time in France.

Welcome to the world of the LoubiFamily!

Superloubi, Wonderloubi and Pilou the lemur are the superheroes and stars of the COMICS print designed by Christian Louboutin. Directly inspired by the designer’s own childhood, you dive into an imaginary world of adventures and colourful characters. LoubiFamily is designed for both children and adults as well as, of course, your cherished family pets.

“The idea of LoubiFamily was born during lockdown. For the first time in years I had the chance to spend several months in the same place, surrounded by my relatives, my friends, my daughters and our dog. I wanted to play with being an adult for children and with being children for adults, by transposing materials and colours from one to the other, by playing with the spectrum of details and imagining slightly cartoonesque shoes for adults and shoes for children that just took flight.” Christian Louboutin”

Christian Louboutin Kids, a corner full of colours

Visit the 5th floor, in the Children’s Department of the Coupole store, where a unique boutique concept has been designed especially for entertainment and games, two key words from the world of the designer. The corner with whimsical furniture in geometric shapes is an extension of the comic strip imagined by Christian Louboutin himself.

Coupole Store – 5th floor

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