Engaged brand corners

To mark Nouveau Cool, various Galeries Lafayette brand corners are demonstrating their commitment to more circular and responsible fashion through workshops and services.

A long-lasting commitment

“Circularity is about restoring value – designing products with reuse in mind. At Galeries Lafayette, we believe that beautiful things should be taken care of, so they can be passed on and loved for longer.”

Sustainable Development Director, Galeries Lafayette

Main store

Veja shoe repair

Clean, repair, collect.

The Veja shoe repair shop cleans and repairs sneakers from its collections, non-Veja sneakers and other types of shoes throughout the year (€10 – €80, depending on the service required).

Fourth floor of the main store

CC SPA by Charlotte Chesnais

from May

Charlotte Chesnais offers its customers the CC SPA experience – a restoration service that gives well-loved jewellery a new lease on life. Each piece is polished, dipped in a gold bath, and then shined to restore its original appearance (€50, first session free).

Second floor of the main store

Men’s store


from April 19 to June 26

Doubling the use of a part reduces its CO2 emissions by 40% over its lifetime.

The corner offers several services:

  • Repair workshops
  • A range of second-hand parts
  • A recycling service

Second floor of the Men’s store

Wax for life by Barbour

In 2020, Barbour launched ‘Wax for Life’ and now offers these services in shops and retailers across the country.

The brand’s iconic jackets can be brought in at any time for alterations, repairs or rewaxing, regardless of their age (€25 – €80 depending on the service required).

Second floor of the Men’s store

The repair workshop by Le Slip Français

frm April 19 to June 26

During The New Cool, the brand will offer free repairs on products from its collections.

First floor of the Men’s store

Home & Gourmet store


Jacquard Français – from April 15 to May 25

Jacquard Français will collect tablecloths and runners from its previous collections to be recycled
into insulation material or sold as second-hand goods. Participating customers will receive a gift certificate.

Degrenne – from April 15 to May 25

Degrenne is asking people to bring in pieces from its previous collections and any other unwanted tableware, regardless of the brand. All items collected will be passed on to a non profit

Lagostina – from May 22 to June 23

Lagostina will collect old pots and pans of any brand for recycling.

Third floor of the Home & Gourmet store

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