Discover the French art of living for a day!

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Have you ever wondered how it was like to live in Paris, try trendy French clothes, discover French culture and heritage, and try some French cuisine? Pastries, baked goods, traditional recipes, exceptional wines and culinary curiosities: each region has its own specialties.
Discover below the large range of activities you will be able to try in just one day at Galeries Lafayette Paris Haussmann!

Discover some French wine at La Cave!

If you are a wine lover, you will be ecstatic about La Cave, our spectacularly designed Champagne cellar! 2500 rare and prestigious labels are exposed in 450m2. We also host the Bordeauxtheque, the most beautiful selection of Bordeaux wines in the world.
La Cave’s best benefits:
– home delivery in France and Europe
– reinforced packaging for wines being sent by air
– duty-free possible
– VIP welcome in a private salon
Our wine cellar La Cave is located on the 1st floor of Galeries Lafayette. Feel free to stop by to taste our wine or to seek for in-depth advice!

Discover fine French Food at Gourmet!

Gourmet at Galeries Lafayette Paris HaussmannIn our Gourmet department, you will be able to taste many French delights:
– Delicious French pastries such as Croissant, Eclair, Macaron, Mille-feuille or Paris-Brest!
French chocolates you will want to bring back home!
– Truffle, Foie Gras and the finest French cheese! Don’t hesitate to go food shopping on the ground floor and lower ground floor of Galeries Lafayette Maison & Gourmet, to taste some typical French food! Our many restaurants are also open!

Book for your Galeries Lafayette guided tour!

France is an incredibly rich destination when it comes to cultural tourism, and the story of Galeries Lafayette is worth knowing!

The tale of Galeries Lafayette

The tale of Galeries Lafayette is a 45-minute guided tour arranged upon request, for parties of 10 to 20 people. Our tour guides relate with verve many of Galeries Lafayette’s incredible facts: its beginnings as a small Parisian shop, its official opening in October 1912, the design of the Dome, the first celebrities who came to Galeries Lafayette, and even the store’s ingenious strategy to stand out from its rivals!

visite-patrimoine des galeries lafayette paris haussmann

If you are interested in taking the tour, please book online on our website or write to [email protected] for further information!

Galerie des Galeries

Amy O’Neill – Post Prom – 1999-2017 – Collection Le Consortium Vue de l’exposition « Always Someone Asleep and Someone Awake », Galerie des Galeries, Paris 2017 © Hélène Mauri

Galerie des Galeries is a unique, cultural space at Galeries Lafayette Haussmann. Located on the first floor, the venue hosts 4 exhibitions a year, each showcasing both French and international design. The exhibition program aims to highlight the cross-over between fashion, fine art and design, disciplines which have always inspired Galeries Lafayette.

Women’s and men’s fashion

All around the world, French is associated with fashion and style : “la mode”. Galeries Lafayette Paris Haussmann hosts the world’s largest fashion collection for women, spanning 15,000 m² and featuring over 320 French and international brands! The men’s fashion department has been designed over 3 levels spanning 8,000 m². 250 French and international brands are available, ranging from accessible to high-end labels.
Beautiful and cozy fashion shows are organized every Friday at 3pm, at the Opera Theatre, on the 4th floor of Coupole (near the Lingerie department). More and subscribtion to our original fashion show in Paris

Don’t wait any longer to book your activities at Galeries Lafayette Paris Haussmann! We would be truly delighted to introduce you to the French art de vivre!

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