Belleyme infrared saunas

Belleyme brings its new vision of well-being to the Wellness Galerie. Contribute to your physical and mental well-being with infrared saunas.

A holistic vision of beauty and well-being

Belleyme’s aim is to help you discover a new vision of self-care. The brand offers a unique range of infrared sauna sessions in private cabins. Gentler and more pleasant than a traditional sauna, the treatment is all the more effective because it penetrates deeper into each skin layer, helping the body to relax and release its toxins.

A technology familiar to sportsmen and women

This new method is already widely used by sportspeople. It regenerates muscles and stimulates the metabolism, helping to burn calories. As well as contributing to your psychological well-being, Belleyme considerably improves your physical well-being by giving you radiant skin and boosting your immune system, all in a private area dedicated to relaxation.

The essentials include…

Sauna for 2 people

Ideal for purifying your skin and sharing a moment together, the duo infrared sauna helps to eliminate toxins and heavy metals. Enjoy more radiant skin, cell renewal and a beneficial effect on the immune system.

Feel Good Sauna

Enjoy a 30-minute infrared sauna with traditional heat (around 55 degrees) and a yellow-orange light colour in the cabin.

Yellow in chromotherapy has a toning and invigorating effect, but also acts as a real mood booster, encouraging optimism and joy.

Discover more Belleyme services on the lower ground floor of the Coupole store at Galeries Lafayette Paris Haussmann and on




A holistic interlude in the heart of Paris

To revitalize your body & mind after a long flight, indulge in our anti-jet lag relaxing experience at the Wellness Galerie. The infrared sauna, detox juice and tote bag are the perfect combination to revitalize your mind and body after a long trip.


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