Hands-Free Shopping

You're already full of bags, but you haven't finished shopping. Get in touch with a sales advisor who will take your bags off your hands for the duration of your visit to Galeries Lafayette Paris Haussmann.

Hands Free Shopping* is an in-store service available to all customers. Enjoy a completely relaxed shopping experience, with peace of mind.

Your day at Galeries Lafayette Paris Haussmann is over, and you want to collect your purchases ?

You have two options 😍

Go to Clic & Collect in the Wellness area on R-1 of the Coupole shop to collect all your purchases at once.

R-1 Coupole Store

Have your purchases delivered to your home, in France or abroad

Delivery costs depend on destination, loyalty status and purchase value. More information at checkout.

*Service only available in-store

*Except for: Shopping & Welcome Center & Le Gourmet R-1 (ground floor) and any fresh products. Cumbersome articles & products not accepted.

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