To all the kitty organisers, the BFFs, the +1s, the ones you can always count on, the ones who devote themselves to their friends, who want to please, who love to surprise, those who chase stragglers to chip in, those who search high and low to find the perfect gift... 

Starting a kitty has never been so easy!

You are the chief organiser of your colleague’s/BFF’s/friends’ or even the +1’s birthday – this kitty is made to make your job as easy as possible! Galeries Lafayette has got you covered, you, who for the last week have dedicated every lunchbreak to searching for the perfect present, you, who have been calling the world and his wife so they don’t forget to chip in. 

How the kitty works:

  • Open a kitty in just a few clicks on
  • Find the perfect gift amongst all our gift ideas by customising your search with the person’s age, style and budget directly on
  • Invite kitty participants to write a few words on the digital greeting card then just print it off on the big day!
  • Enjoy a 5% bonus and no commission fees on the amount transformed into a gift card, and collect their gift at Galeries Lafayette or on

If you’re unsure or the timing is too tight, you can gift them the kitty. You also have the option to recover all or part of the kitty by bank transfer*

Do you have an upcoming event to celebrate? 

*with 2% commission

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