“Laboratories” on the 1st Floor Luxury Department

Visit the 1st floor to explore two fashion “Laboratories” dedicated all year round to showcasing today’s top luxury labels alongside up and coming luxury brands.

Galeries Lafayette has opted for this concept of “labs” to showcase today’s top designers as well as highly coveted luxury brands, all with one thing in common – a passion for fashion.

Always on the lookout for hot new trends, Galeries Lafayette has unveiled these two spaces, designed by architect Bruno Moinard, to display an impressive, hand-picked selection of some of the most exclusive pieces from the world of fashion and luxury goods. Fiercely driven, Galeries Lafayette has made a name for itself as a tireless talent scout!

Designer Laboratory
A concept store occupying 60m² of floorspace, the Designer Laboratory showcases the best in new design talent unearthed from the four corners of the globe.
Nestled within this concrete labyrinth with its dark wooden floors and Haussmann-style fittings adding a touch of warmth, there is also a range of accessories that seamlessly blend in with this unique environment.

Luxury Laboratory
In a concept store designed to resemble a Parisian apartment, the Luxury Laboratory combines elegance with timeless appeal. Each season, the designer guest list grows, culminating in a stunning dressing room, where every dress and every single accessory is a celebration of fashion.

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