Le Gadjo by Jacquemus

Jacquemus and the models from his “Le Gadjo” runway show

The debut menswear collection by Jacquemus is now available exclusively to Galeries Lafayette Paris Haussmann.


I grew up here.  I grew up here, just behind these limestone cliffs. I grew up here, amongst the olive trees and fields of red tomatoes. I grew up here, with these men in their blue tracksuits, in every shade of light blue. I grew up here, with guys who get out their washed and ironed white shirts on a Saturday night, to highlight their nice summer suntans. I grew up here, with these polished gold chains. I grew up here, amidst the fields of bright yellow wheat. I grew up here, laughing and dancing on tables. I grew up here, surrounded by black suits worn over unbuttoned polka dot shirts. I grew up here, where they’re not called “guys” or “lads”, but “gadjo”.  I grew up here, barefoot, bare chest, strong cologne.  I grew up here, in the Mediterranean.  My Mediterranean.

Simon Porte Jacquemus

Le Gadjo

Simon and his design studio have worked closely with the Woolmark Company to create this debut collection for men. They have selected the best merino in the world to create 27 pieces from 100% merino wool. In choosing this wool, Simon Porte Jacquemus remains true to his values, his roots and to his era.
Pouch bag worn around the neck, bum bag worn around the waist, yellow shirt, with flowers or striped, t-shirts, sweaters, jackets, trousers and three quarter pants, all the essential summer pieces are there.

L’Homme, 3rd floor.