Main course French cuisine: learn emblematic recipes!

Enjoy a memorable French food class alongside with a Ferrandi professional school chef. A great group cooking experience at Galeries Lafayette Paris.

Want to dive into French culture during your Parisian stay? Treat yourself or your loved ones to our exquisite cooking classes.

Workshop French Cuisine Ferrandi

Step into the kitchen with a renowned chef graduated from the prestigious professional cooking school Ferrandi Paris and discover the secrets behind an iconic French meal. The chef will share its experience, know-how and culinary techniques with you during an unforgettable group cooking. And if you are curious about the dish originate, the chef will tell you all about it.

French meals cooked and classes taught vary according to the seasons and the chef’s inspiration but one thing is certain: traditional dishes won’t hold any secrets for you! The complete course is suitable for all skill levels, followed by tasting on the spot in classic French style. Looking for the best of the bests cooking classes in Paris for English speakers? Seat comfortably, you are at the right table.

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Your Parisian experience highlights 

  • Master the basics of French Gastronomy within small groups 
  • Discover chef’s techniques & secrets
  • Share a tasting moment with the chef

Practical details of our cooking classes

Rendez-vous at Ferrandi’s kitchen on the 3rd floor of the Lafayette Maison & Gourmet Store,
35 Boulevard Haussmann, Paris.

Price: 120€
Duration: 2h

Important Informations

  • All Verification of your ID and booking confirmation may be requested at the entrance.
  • Participants : 6.
  • All children under the age of 12 cannot participate in our french cooking classes Teenagers under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult.  
  • For all your group booking or privatization requests, we invite you to send an email to [email protected].

3 specificities of French-style meals 

Did you know that the French gastronomic meal was added to the Unesco World Heritage list in 2010? No wonder: its characteristics make it a true art of living.

The importance of French food preparation

It is well known that French people are gourmet. And main course French cuisine requires time. Indeed, most of traditional French recipes requires slow cooking. They enjoy going to market, a paradise for French food! They can find a wide range of fresh vegetables such as tomato, butternut squash, white beans or French onions and every ingredient they need to prepare a delicious meal -a labor of love. Matching dishes with wine is also crucial. Cellarmen are French bestfriends! They give precious advice to help them choose the best red or white wine.

Conviviality à la French 

In France, meals play a key role in the organization of social life. French people meet 3 times a day at fixed times to enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner together. For a French person this seems obvious but it is very different for a foreigner! In many countries, such as the United States or Canada, people snake individually throughout the day. Even if the organization of meals tends to become more flexible, ancestral habits are still very anchored in French culture. French don’t count calories and put emphasize on pleasure. They love to gather around a good meal and enjoy sharing comfort food, cooked with brown butter or pimped with Bechamel sauce.

The duration of French food meals

Another French specificity? The duration of French food meals is much longer than in other countries. Eating and drinking is indeed a time that seems sacred to the French. According to OECD figures, the inhabitants of France spend an average of 2 hours 13 minutes a day eating and drinking, i.e. 40 minutes longer than the average for OECD countries and more than twice as long as the Americans! 

Starred-chief Adeline Grattard‘s recipe 

Vinegar shiitake and smoked tofu salad

Adeline Grattard belongs to the French chefs elite. This Ferrandi alumni, one star at Yam’Tcha Paris, offers a fair and precise cuisine where Asian influences blend with her perfectly mastered cooking. With her husband Chi Wah, she has imported to France the common practice in China of drinking tea while eating. This original concept has won over gourmets and journalists alike, and has met with dazzling success.


– 20 g fresh ginger

– 200 g smoked tofu (La Vie Claire)

– 80 g Piedmont hazelnuts

– 300 g fresh shiitake mushrooms

– 2 tablespoons of mild olive oil

– 2 tbsp balsamic vinegar

– 1 clove of garlic

Preparation of the recipe

  1. Remove the stems from the shiitake mushrooms and cut them into quarters. 
  2. Fry them in a pan with 1 tbsp. olive oil, the chopped garlic, ginger and a pinch of salt. The mushrooms should be tender but not overcooked. 
  3. Leave to cool. 
  4. Cut the smoked tofu into small cubes. Set aside. 
  5. Mix the remaining olive oil, soy sauce and balsamic vinegar and season the shiitake mushrooms with this dressing. Add the tofu and chopped hazelnuts. Mix well.
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