Make your parisian business trip a memorable shopping experience

On a business trip in Paris? You would like to take advantage of it to make the essential shopping stop? Personal shoppers, concierge service, VIP shopping, French gastronomy… At Galeries Lafayette, we strive to make life easier for the business travellers who are on deadlines. Whatever you are looking for, there is a service tailored for you!

The concierge service

gl contactGaleries Lafayette offers their English speaking clientele an exclusive concierge service. This entirely personalized service goes beyond mere shopping and helps you with the whole organization of your Parisian stay. You will make the best of your privileged shopping day by avoiding the crowds and having a dedicated concierge handle your needs. Shop in comfort and convenience.

Galeries Lafayette’s concierge service

Tailored VIP service

services personnalisésEnjoy a VIP service with our team of fashion experts! From fashion, beauty, delivery service to restaurant recommendations and tax refund, our team is here to make your day and your business trip special! You book an appointment and the team takes it from there. Fashion experts guide you. Beauty stop, gourmet break, easy tax refund, this is A to Z service. This is an exclusive, luxurious and private shopping experience.

Galeries Lafayette’s VIP personalized service

Shop from wherever you are: bring the shop to you!

vente_distanceYou might not have the time to drop by the store but that doesn’t mean you should give up on your shopping! We have it all sorted for you. Your purchases can be made from your residence by simply using our email or phone service. A personal shopper will take care of your shopping and have it delivered wherever you wish, it’s simple and easy.

Galeries Lafayette’s shop from home service

Galeries Lafayette becomes your duty free shop: our tax refund service

A tax refund dedicated service is available for all our customers living outside the EU. The store has numerous tax refund desks where shoppers can request a VAT refund which amounts to 12% for purchases over 175€. All you need is your ID and your receipt and you will then be given a tax refund slip. Make sure to review the specifics regarding eligibility to this service on Galeries Lafayette’s Tax Refund service.

Treat yourself to a truly unique moment

Parisian Shopping Experience

Your business tour allows you some spare time so why not make it time well spent? This Parisian shopping experience package, on top of providing you with a personalized shopping service, will also treat you to a tasty break in one of our restaurants. This package is tailored to provide the French essentials!

Galeries Lafayette’s Shopping Experience

Take home a piece of French gastronomy and tableware

Work in Paris gets you a step closer to France’s fine food. So talking about a tasty break, Galeries Lafayette Gourmet takes great pleasure in offering their customers the best Paris can offer. Indeed, an entire space is dedicated to the gastronomy and delicacies. You will find a full range of choices when it comes to French specialties: wine tasting and shopping at La Cave as well as gourmet food stores. Make sure to make a stop at some of the best French “gastronomy artists” corners where you will be able to share their expertise.  Galeries Lafayette’s fine food

And if you’re looking for the perfect French souvenir, this is the opportunity to bring home the ideal gift: a French gourmet box with some of the best French products.

However, a nice gift to bring home could also be a contribution to the perfect table. Indeed food is art and that is certainly true in France. The famous “Art de la table” is a must when going for the perfect French dinner. You can find tableware, cookery products, decorations and other candles in our Home / Fine food section. The best designed products are just a purchase away from your perfect table!

 “The preparation of good food is merely another expression of art, one of the joys of civilized living” Dione Lucas

“Cookery is naturally the most ancient of the arts, as of all arts, it is the most important.” George Ellwanger

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