Discover the best massage therapy in Paris

Are you searching for a massage in Paris? Treat yourself to a luxurious massage at Galeries Lafayette Paris Haussmann and enjoy a rejuvenating experience amidst the bustling atmosphere of the city.

Set in the calming environment of the Galeries Lafayette Wellness Galerie, the massage treatment rooms offer a private, tailored treatment in the most famous shopping mall in Paris.
Whether you’re looking for a gentle facial massage or an invigorating sports massage, it’s the ideal spot to take some time out for yourself. Choose this massage therapy in Paris and treat yourself to some luxurious relaxation in the heart of the City of Lights.

Ease the tension with a full or partial body massage

A full body massage is an ideal solution if you want to align your emotional and physical well-being.

For the ultimate massage in Paris, book a treatment session at the Wellness Galerie and allow our professional therapists to pamper your body. A full body massage will revive your exhausted muscles and make you feel alive.

Alternatively, a cranial massage is an uplifting experience to relieve stress and clear the mind. Or you can have a leg massage to reinvigorate your legs after working out or shopping!

Spoil yourself with a facial massage

A soothing facial massage will bring a glow to your skin and make you look and feel like a million dollars. Each massage is tailored to your skin type and needs, leaving you feeling revived and radiant. Switch off and relax and enjoy a sculpting face massage to eye contouring or neck massage.

Our Paris massage center also offers facial lifting massages, the natural solution for firmer, younger-looking skin. Book a gentle JetPeel™ Lift massage with no needles or a Kobido massage to improve your skin’s luminosity.

JetPeel™ Lift

Relaxes the features and relieves tension

Sculpt treatment

Sculpts and smoothes the facial muscles

Kobido massage

Enhances face contour and cheekbones

Sports massage to improve healing and promote body strength

A deep sports massage will reduce muscle tension and keep you in top condition whether you’re a footballer, tennis player, or cyclist. An intense sports massage can also help you recover faster from an injury and physical activity.

Your dedicated therapist will assess your needs and tailor your massage in Paris to your requirements to ensure your body receives the maximum benefit.

Pregnancy massage to revive and relax

A pregnancy massage is good for you and for your baby. This massage therapy will balance your energy levels, enhance your mood, and give you a natural glow. 

Entirely safe for pregnant women, this gentle massage will gently revive you from the stresses and strains of pregnancy.

Book a massage treatment at Galeries Lafayette Paris Haussmann. There’s no need to search for a spa, you’ll find everything in one place. From massage facilities and beauty treatments to yoga and sports classes, the Wellness Galerie offers the best massage therapy in Paris.

Make time for a massage in Paris or combine a selection of treatments and recharge your batteries.

A massage at Galeries Lafayette also makes a great gift for a loved one or someone special. Why not give the gift of relaxation?

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