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The biggest Luxury brands propose their most beautiful creations
to make your love eternal and your proposal unforgettable.


chaumetSince 1780, Chaumet has placed happiness at the heart of its creations, celebrating tenderness, love and passion.

At the start of it all was the love between Napoleon and Josephine, consecrated by Nitot, founder of the brand. Intimate witness to its client’s stories, Chaumet punctuates couples’ lives with precious milestones: engagement ring, wedding ring, tiara…eternal symbols that accompany a codified ceremony.

From tiara to Aigrette ring, marriage, the founding ceremony of the Brand’s identity, is always showcased in Chaumet’s creations.

Available on the ground floor of Coupole.


With its audacious creativity, Piaget celebrates the beauty of love: passion is expressed through the fire of a diamond, the radiance of love immortalised in the purety of platinum.

The Piaget Passion wedding collection, a veritable ode to love, recounts the beauty of a story that is just beginning. With utter delicacy and feminine curves, the Piaget Passion solitaire reveals in profile a diamond whose visible culet appears to be suspended. The pavé-set mount presents two swirls that majestically carry and set the central diamond, symbolising the bond between the couple.

Available on the ground floor of Coupole.



david yurmanDavid Yurman’s exquisite wedding rings, Beyond Perfect, are created with carefully, hand-selected diamonds, and reflect the brand’s artistic heritage.

Available on the 1st floor of Coupole.


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