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Chaired by Alain Ducasse, Teritoria is a community of 430 hoteliers and restaurateurs in Europe, committed to taking care of its travellers, its resources and the world to make every trip a sincere and sustainable experience.

A responsible travel approach

Teritoria is the 1st guide to committed and engaging hospitality, cultivating a taste for travel in their people-centered establishments, encouraging encounters, promoting our terroirs and perpetuating their passion for hospitality

Teritoria’s mission is to build the first community committed to sincere and sustainable hospitality.

Teritoria invites you to get away from the masses and invent a form of tourism that makes people love the world. The group offers charming, premium addresses, mainly in France and Italy, that are committed to more sustainable tourism.

No more tourism that shuffles travelers, damages sites, disrupts local life and folklorizes cultures!
Make way for committed hospitality…

To ensure that travel is always a source of astonishment, of unforgettable encounters with hoteliers and restaurateurs passionate about hospitality…

To ensure that tourism makes regions shine, allowing us to discover their people, taste their specialties and experience their character…

To ensure that hospitality leaves its mark on people’s minds, but not on the planet, and that travel leaves unforgettable memories, but not indelible traces…

Hoteliers and restaurateurs of Teritoria, are committed to making every trip a sincere and lasting experience. 

Teritoria commitments

1 – Reducing its carbon footprint:

All Teritoria hoteliers and restaurateurs are committed to assessing the carbon footprint® of their business using the Clorofil calculator, and to reducing their impact over time.

2 – Ensuring the well-being of its employees

All Teritoria hoteliers and restaurateurs are committed to measuring the satisfaction of their teams via Peace&Work, and to improving their social practices via a precise action plan.

3 – Protecting biodiversity

Teritoria is committed, on behalf of and with all its members, to financing agroforestry projects in the heart of the territories in France and Italy, by donating a percentage of its sales each year.

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