The contemporary luxury of Davidor at Haussmann

Founded by David Gusky, the latest French jewellery house, DAVIDOR, makes every piece by hand and guarantees that all of its creations are 100% Made in France.  Every piece is stamped with the label “Joaillerie de France”.

The jewellery house has designed, developed and patented its own Arch cut stone, for diamonds and precious and semi-precious coloured stones, using the knowledge of its Parisian diamond cutters. Every creation starts from a sketch or drawing, which is then hand painted into a traditional poster paint drawing, then wax-modelled, and then brought to life in 18kt gold or platinum.

The most beautiful diamonds and the most beautiful precious stones are hand-set into each piece after rigorous inspection and meticulous checks to guarantee that each creation sparkles as brightly as it can. The varnish is applied by hand using traditional techniques and each piece is polished to perfection.

Explore the pieces now on the 1st floor of Coupole.


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