The “Go For Good” Movement!

What is Go For Good?

Go For Good is a movement towards more responsible fashion by Galeries Lafayette.  It is a collective, creative initiative aimed at offering our clients products that have both style and sense, as well as more reasonable consumption patterns. In practice, it involves services and articles that are selected on the basis of three types of criteria, as indicated in our stores and on our website Over 500 brands have already joined the movement! 

The 3 pillars

Preserving the environment - Galeries Lafayette

Preserving the environment

The materials used, the manufacturing processes, the product’s use or its end-of-life management are beneficial to the environment.

social development

Social development

The manufacturing or marketing of the product contribute towards combating poverty, exclusion and towards social development. 

Local production

Local production

Manufacturing in France is a very important way of preserving local knowledge and jobs. 



It takes 2,700 litres of water to make one cotton t-shirt. 


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