The Mediterranean Vibes in the Gourmet

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Le Gourmet invites you on a culinary journey through the Mediterranean culture. Hummus, Nicoise salad, ice cream, Lebanese, Greek and Israeli cuisine, your taste buds will be asking for more. Eat as much as you like!


Babka Zana is first and foremost a family affair. Inspired by their childhood memories, founders Sarah and Emmanuel Murat decided to recreate the irresistible aroma of brioche, butter and sugar.

Handmade daily, their babkas come in many shapes and flavours: the moreish Rugelach, a tender mini chocolate croissant that is very popular in Israel, along with a selection of sandwiches made from traditional Challah bread, and Bourekas, puff pastries filled with spinach and ricotta, a staple of Tel Aviv streetfood.

Find Babka Zana on the ground floor of the Maison & Gourmet store.


Founded in 2014 by chef Yoni Saada, seen on the Top Chef TV show, and his wife Alexandra, Bagnard quickly became the go-to Mediterranean canteen. Inspired by street-food culture, the chef revisited the pan-bagnat sandwich of his childhood. He’s also received widespread praise for his personal take on the Niçoise salad.

Bagnard is marking its arrival on the first floor of Galeries Lafayette Le Gourmet with the exclusive launch of its first range of grocery products, featuring olive oil, harissa, and “Les Pieds Noirs”, an artisan beer made with zaatar, a Middle Eastern spice mix.

Find Bagnard On the first floor of the Maison & Gourmet store.


Established in 1981, Mavrommatis has always remained true to its ambitions: to showcase and share the flavours and aromas of the Mediterranean. Inspired by their Cypriot roots, the three Mavrommatis brothers have created an authentic culinary identity based on regional traditions of hospitality and sharing. They’ve brought Greek cuisine into the world of fine dining, with products that were previously unknown to French foodies.

Through its restaurants, shops and catering business, the brand symbolises the flavours and lifestyle of the Mediterranean.

Find Mavrommatis on the ground floor of the Maison & Gourmet store.


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