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Galeries Lafayette Paris Haussmann has created the world’s largest fashion collection spanning 15,000  and featuring over 320 French and international brands.

Showcasing the expertise of designers from France and some 15 or so other countries, some of these labels are brand new to France. Keen to support the talents of up and coming designers, these brands illustrate perfectly the creativity and unflinching desire of Galeries Lafayette to stay at the cutting edge of fashion.

Armed with knowledge and expertise gained from developing its own private labels ranging from ready-to-wear to knitwear and accessories to lingerie, all the brands signed by Galeries Lafayette are bang on-trend and guarantee to deliver high quality at competitive prices.

Discover the different looks the private labels from Galeries Lafayette have to offer: Avant-Première, Briefing, Jodhpur, Version Originale and Lafayette Collection for knitwear. For children, Cadet Rousselle and Kid’s Graffiti are also well worth a look.

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