Alain Ducasse chocolate at Lafayette Home

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Chocolates, chocolate bars, ganaches origines and ganaches gourmandes, old-fashioned praline and Bouchées doubles...Alain Ducasse chocolates clearly demonstrate that hand-crafting chocolate is a real art.

Because chocolate is made here in the traditional way, and each stage of its manufacture is mastered and checked, the artisan chocolatiers can allow themselves to explore and innovate.

Chocolate manufacture has deliberately gone back to its roots, to the very essence of what makes chocolate: it’s the work of a craftsman, meticulous and creative, a craft which is inextricably involved with tailor-made machines and processes which take time… In a world which moves faster and faster, we reconnect here with a certain idea of slowness, patience, love and a job well done.

Come to the Ground Floor of Lafayette Maison and Gourmet.

Alain Ducasse

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