Ferragamo corner

Galeries Lafayette Paris Haussmann welcomes the new Ferragamo corner on the second floor of the Coupole store. A space showcasing the Italian brand's new Spring-Summer 2024 collection.

Ferragamo’s vision

Maximilian Davis draws on the interplay between tension and balance to explore and refine the codes he developed at Ferragamo for Spring-Summer 2024, infusing his distinctive aesthetic with a natural ease.

In terms of fabric and construction as well as how people want to dress, I wanted things to feel a lot lighter.” says Davis.

The effortlessness that feels so Caribbean about the Italian manner of living and wearing has struck a chord with me. the notion of working at your own speed and convenience.

The collection draws inspiration from the situated contrasts of Italy’s Arte Povera movement, which often positioned natural materials alongside industrial elements and elevated the everyday through careful consideration, while also drawing parallels between the spirit of Italian and Caribbean dress codes.

Spring-Summer 2024 will include exact silhouettes portrayed in natural materials, as well as sculptural wooden accessories and details polished to perfection. Simple linens and cotton will be treated with rigorous refinement and bonded onto satins for capes or treated to appear like leather.

I really wanted the collection to be relatable within a wardrobe, but interesting in terms of the touch of the hand; I really wanted the pieces to feel very pure and honest.

Ferragamo Women Ready To Wear corner at Les Galeries Lafayette Haussmann in Paris, France – Photo ©Kristen Pelou

Throughout, a subtle interplay between freedom and restraint is evident: flawless mid-century tailoring is sliced into fluidity, while the worn texture of leather tailoring expresses a slouching insouciance. Viscose jersey drapery, which has its origins in Ferragamo’s Florentine background and is reminiscent of 18th-century Caribbean clothing, is now matched with Renaissance armor details like stiff, high-shine inlays and sculpted spazzolato leather bodices.

The subversive sensibility that permeates Davis’ work is still subtly pervasive: sophisticated day gowns worn deep-cut at the bust or combined with tall patent boots; men’s loungewear shorts cropped high on the thigh; T-shirts contorted as if hastily put on.

My work is infused with fetishism; there’s a contemporary quality to assimilating that into your daily routine and attire.

The corner can be found exclusively on the 1st floor of the main store.

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