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Galeries Lafayette Paris Haussmann highlights 4 new brands that embody a holistic vision of beauty. These French brands invite consumers to consider new self-care routines, both inside as well as out.

Peace & Skin

French brand Peace and Skin wants to reinvent wellbeing through adaptogenic herbs and CBD-based products, designed in France. This naturally-occurring molecule is heralded for its stress-combatting properties. Rich in essential fatty acids, vitamins, fibre and protein, it is a superfood for skin.

Green Barbès

Green Barbès is a beauty brand founded in France that reconciles the urban world and nature. It offers natural skincare products with raw, purifying textures, to restore freshness to tired skin.


Talm is a range of responsible skincare products aimed at supporting women before, during and after pregnancy. They believe strongly in combining safety and effectiveness in beautiful products that do you good. All of its products are made and formulated in France to guarantee the highest possible quality and total safety of its formulas.


Epycure is afeel-good brand, 100% clean and made in France, born from the desire to change the way we look after our skin. It offers products such as capsules, gummies or powder tailored to our different needs, such as insomnia, detox, boost, etc., manufactured by pharmacists, biologists and chemists for maximum efficiency.

Epycure offers express diagnostics via an online quiz as well as a subscription service, so you can get your favourite products delivered direct to your door.

Exclusively on and at Galeries Lafayette Paris Haussmann in July.

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