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Starting from 2nd January, Galeries Lafayette Paris Haussmann offers a selection of Galettes and Brioches des Rois [Kings’ Cakes and brioches] to enjoy for Epiphany.

The best traditional Galettes des Rois

For centuries, every year during the month of January French people of all ages look forward to this traditional almond-flavoured cake. But that doesn’t stop all the specialist cake makers from putting their own stamp on this iconic recipe.

The Infiniment Amande [“Endlessly Almond”] version of this cake by exceptional pastry chef Pierre Hermé Paris harbours a lightly toasted almond-based filling and crushed almonds within a beautiful and crisp flaky pastry case that celebrates this wonderful nut in all its forms. 

Parisian bakery Chez Meunier makes its Galette des Rois from a homemade almond cream and uses Montaigu AOP butter to infuse the gorgeously golden pastry with its trademark nutty flavour. 

Finally, the puff pastry Galette des Rois from the pastry chefs at Dalloyau, in partnership with Brittany-based baker Georges Larnicol, is all about the almonds and their powerful aromas in their version: the Valencia.

Kings’ Cakes revisited through the creative lens of top pastry chefs 

Mix things up a bit and try a different type of Galette des Rois, as masterfully reinterpreted by one of our artisan creators at Galeries Lafayette Le Gourmet! 

Pierre Hermé Paris presents two new recipes for Epiphany 2022: the sublime Jardin de l’Atlas cake, with its decorative floral flakes and oriental notes and the Enora cake with its resounding crunch.

Pastry chef Nicolas Paciello, commander of the CinqSens experience, is this winter’s guest chef at Galeries Lafayette Le Gourmet in Paris. He presents three delightful recipes to treat you and your family: the CinqSens Galette des Rois with pistachio (a Galeries Lafayette Le Gourmet exclusive), the almond and chocolate Galette des Rois, and the vanilla-infused almond Galette des Rois.

Pastry chef and master chocolatier Jean-Paul Hévin invites cacao connoisseurs to discover new horizons with his “Il était un petit navire” [“There was a little ship”] Kings’ Cake, made from a double layer of vanilla butter and dark chocolate puff pastry, almond cream with Mexican grand cru cacao chocolate chips and lime curd for a touch of freshness.

Last but not least, Chez Meunier’s classic French apple Galette des Rois keeps things gloriously simple, roasting the delicious fruit in brown sugar and butter.

Other Epiphany traditions: Kings’ Brioche and Vassilopita

Head south and enjoy this soft, traditional, Bordeaux brioche from Dalloyau, flavoured with orange blossom and decorated with candied fruit.

The Infiniment Praliné Pistache [Endlessly Praline & Pistachio] Kings’ Brioche by Pierre Hermé Paris is an original, delicious take on the Brioche des Rois delivering a riot of textures with its puff pastry brioche dough, soft and creamy centre and Iranian pistachio praline.

A great name in Greek gastronomy in the capital, Mavrommatis takes you to sunny shores to discover an ancient tradition: the Vassilopita or Galette de Saint-Basile. Flavoured with toasted almonds and orange, the Mavrommatis vassilopita hides a coin inside, rather than a trinket, as a symbol of good luck and health for the lucky person who finds it on their plate!

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