On the ground floor of the Galeries Lafayette Gourmet area of Galeries Lafayette Haussmann, the Mavrommatis delicatessen offers cuisine with a Mediterranean flavour. Come and sample typical dishes and specialities from Greece and Cyprus. Available to eat in or take away.

The chef

Andréa Mavrommatis is a Michelin-starred Greek chef whose ambition is to showcase the sun-drenched flavours of the Mediterranean.

At the head of 4 restaurants, the chef and his teams offer generous cuisine and a genuine culinary discovery.

Mavrommatis house

Founded in 1981 by the three Mavrommatis brothers, the restaurant has a single ambition: to introduce diners to the flavours and aromas of the Mediterranean. Starting with traditional Greek cuisine, the restaurant’s creators have built up a genuine and undeniable culinary identity by emphasising the taste for sharing and generosity. They have also enabled the discovery of new products and recipes that were still unknown to the French.

Mavrommatis offers a takeaway service with a wide choice of products and cooking instructions. If you have the time, sit back and enjoy the colourful products in the open-plan dining area.

An exceptional range

Mavrommatis is synonymous with the art of living and a taste of the Mediterranean, so it’s essential to preserve the flavours and products of Provence. Most of the ingredients used to prepare the dishes, such as cheese and olive oil, have PDO labels.

Specialities not to be missed!

At the counter you’ll find olive oil from Crete, thyme honey, bottarga and mastiha liqueur from Chios, as well as prepared specialities such as vine leaves, tzatziki and moussaka. Generous dishes, bites and puff pastries to share with friends or family, pita breads filled to the minute – there’s something for everyone!

Mavrommatis online and in Europe

If you don’t have the time or you’re not at home, but you’re tempted by the succulent peppers, fried foods, tzatziki or stuffed tomatoes, no worries! Mavrommatis is available to order from Le Gourmet.

Maison Mavrommatis is on all fronts. There are catering boutiques and restaurants in Paris, Nice, Strasbourg and Marseille, as well as a restaurant on the island of Cyprus.

Gourmets, the curious and lovers of culinary discoveries, we can’t resist finding out more about the world of Greek restaurants!

Tips for enjoying at home


Warm each dish separately, respecting the following heating times:

  • Fries and puff pastries, 8 to 10 minutes in a conventional oven at 180°C,
  • moussaka 13 to 15 minutes in a conventional oven at 180°C

Maison and Gourmet store – Ground floor


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