Discover the Galeries Lafayette Paris Haussmann selection of lingerie that celebrates all shapes of femininity.


Momoni, an Italian brand, chose France – and specifically Paris – to open its first store in 2011. Momoni’s designers developed ready-to-wear items after initially focusing on lingerie. They use soft and sophisticated fabrics. Their philosophy: to dress free, confident women. Momoni, founded in 2009 by Michela and Alessandro Biasotto, began not with an iconic dress or jacket, but with… a pair of panties! Since then, the Italian brand has expanded its manufacturing and offers an extensive collection of ready-to-wear items, now sold worldwide. 

Coupole store – 2nd floor.

Smoon lingerie


Smoon was born from a furious desire to equip women when they need it most, all the while respecting both their bodies and the planet. After working with a textile engineer for a year, the brand developed period underwear combining performance and comfort to allow women to move around freely and feel self-confident during their period. Smoon’s seamless technology guarantees high levels of comfort and an unfailing leak-proof barrier. The underwear is available at Galeries Lafayette Paris Haussmann in various colours and sizes, from XS to XXXL.

Coupole store – 2nd floor.

Henriette H lingerie


Always inspired by love, the creator of Henriette H sees her collections as stories. Her overflowing inspiration has given life to this incurable romantic who embroiders her lover’s name on her underwear. An item by Henriette H reflects the charm of a vintage lace mingling with the modern fantasy of a Parisian woman! A literature lover, a dreamer and relentlessly poetic, Sarah draws us into her world the way that storytellers used to.

Coupole store, 2nd floor.