Love in Paris

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The City of Light is also called the City of Love. Yes, Paris and romance go together just like cheese and wine. The French capital is the number one romantic getaway for Valentine’s Day or for any special moment with your significant other. This is the beauty of Paris: people all over the world are in love with it even if they’ve never been there!

1. Walk the city

Paris is full of magical places to stroll hand in hand with your loved one. The city has inspired so many film directors, painters, writers and musicians, it would be impossible to name the most romantic spot. The capital naturally exudes romance and among its many nicknames, it unsurprisingly also bears the name of City of Love.

Your romantic Paris really depends on what kind of atmosphere you are looking for. The banks of the Seine are seemingly unanimously considered to be one of the most romantic settings for a love walk or cruise. Crossing one of the bridges at night leading to Ile Saint Louis will inevitably trigger a stop to take in the incredible view of the city shimmering lights. The tiny streets of Ile Saint Louis look like a Parisian time capsule taken straight out of Victor Hugo’s Notre Dame de Paris, which by the way, is just around the corner.

For the classic but yet timeless romance moment, head to the Eiffel Tower. If going to the top of the famous Iron Lady is not exactly what could be called a romantic getaway as you will be sharing the moment with hundreds of others, the sight of it twinkling at night on the hour is one to behold.

Money can’t buy love for sure, however as you walk the streets of the Grands Boulevards taking in the old-world glamour and charm of the area, Galeries Lafayette will be the ideal place for a shopping stop.

2. Dazzle, shine and shop at Galeries Lafayette

If you are looking to treat yourself and your partner to a day of shopping, Galeries Lafayette will make that day special.

Tailored VIP service

Dedicated shoppers will enjoy this exclusive, luxurious and private shopping experience in Paris: a VIP service with a team of multilingual fashion experts! From fashion, beauty, delivery service, restaurant recommendations, tax refund, our team is here to make your day memorable! Book your appointment and let the team takes it from there. Polish your style with Galeries Lafayette’s VIP personalized service!

Galeries Lafayette’s jewellery: tie the knot!

Beautiful jewelry creations and high-class watchmaking await you. Alongside the most prestigious brands, discover exclusive Parisian designers and the unbounded creativity of these true artists in the craft of shaping and carving gem stones. Step into a world of wonder with your partner while dedicated staff will walk you through your serenade to make sure you get exactly the jewel of your dreams!

Discover the finest jewellery and watches at Galeries Lafayette.

Galeries Lafayette’s new lingerie space

Galeries Lafayette unveils the new face of its revamped lingerie space where one will be able to discover new collections and enjoy the timeless classics with arrays of delicate lace, voluptuous silk, elegant embroidery and light cotton. You will be overwhelmed with colors that will take you from the most subtle powdery shades to the more bold and explosive ones.

With brands ranging from very accessible such as Galeries Lafayette’s own in-house labels to the most exclusive ones, Lingerie has never been so playful and welcoming!

3. Pick your romantic activity to share

Galeries Lafayette’s rooftop terrace

Paris’ skyline is nothing short of beautiful! The city preserves its famous skylines under Unesco heritage protection which limits buildings to six stories. The carefully preserved buildings may go some way to explain the romantic appeal of Paris.

For some gorgeous views of Paris, end your day by watching the sunset from Galeries Lafayette’s rooftop terrace.

Paris and romance: French cuisine and wine

At Galeries Lafayette, you can enjoy fine cuisine and amazing wine. Share a perfect moment of delicatessen with your significant other by treating yourselves to a wine tasting or to a Chef’s workshops.

Paris, once the capital of wine, is undoubtedly one of the best places to sample some wonderful vintages from all over the country. Duclot La Cave at Galeries Lafayette hosts exclusive wine tasting events during which an experienced sommelier will teach you the techniques of wine tasting.

Galeries Lafayette is hosting the prestigious Ferrandi Paris School for the Chefs’ Secrets workshops. This is the chance to enter the Chefs’ cuisines for a unique experience. The chefs will share their experience, expertise and techniques. Sweet or savory, you can choose the class that suits your taste of the moment.

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