OMEGA celebrates water resistance with the SEAMASTER

To celebrate its marine icon, the Swiss brand has designed a new collection adorned with stunning dials in an intoxicating colour, evoking a great day out at sea. Find the brand's 7 iconic models in the watches department in the Coupole Store.

“OMEGA pays tribute to a watchmaking family born in 1948 with a collection of 11 watches, Seamaster Summer Blue, which celebrates water resistance”

Precision on every level

From the most elegant to the most technically sophisticated diving watches, Omega Seamaster timepieces are designed to withstand the most extreme conditions. They are the legacy of an extraordinary history of innovation, exploration, maritime performance and design. Each of them has the inscription “W.W.W” engraved on the back of their case, for “Waterproof Wrist Watch”.

What the different models in the collection have in common

These incredible models all have one thing in common: the blue of OMEGA Summer Blue. Used in more or less intense hues to reflect the degree of water resistance of each Seamaster, also making them instantly recognisable: the Aqua Terra, reminiscent of the colour of sun-soaked surface waters; the Ultra Deep, of the abyss.

The Aqua Terra; elegance deep down

Launched in 2002, the Seamaster Aqua Terra displays a sleek design reminiscent of the understated lines of the original 1957 Seamaster 300.

All the watches feature a new sunburst dial in Summer Blue, with a varnished finish, in a shade that reflects the water resistance level of the Aqua Terra: 150 metres deep.

Ultra Deep, in tribute to the world diving record held by Omega

In 2019, the very first Ultra Deep watches made history by reaching the deepest point on the planet. Following this record-breaking dive into the Mariana Trench, OMEGA produced a revolutionary collection, waterproof to 6,000 metres, and available to the general public.

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