Your old jeans are tired, it's time to let them go into the hands of the Resap Paris Upcyclers! At the RE(STORE) in Galeries Lafayette Paris Haussmann, come and find your new unique and responsible piece.


The brand

We should have thought about that! That’s what Mona Boujtita and Daphné Grem, two engineers, did when they founded Resap Paris. The upcycling house offers clothing lines and accessories that are entirely second-hand. Purchased, sorted and cleaned, the pieces are then reassembled to create unique handmade models and pieces.

The mission of the two designers: to alert people about the dangers of excessive textile consumption and the pollution it causes. To revalue second-hand clothes so that people can dress in a way that reflects their values, and to democratise upcycling.

Zero material produced

  • 100 % made in France
  • 100 % recycled
  • 100 % hand-made

An innovative concept

The two women collect the raw materials directly from sorting centres in France, and then transform them in their workshop in the 14th arrondissement of Paris. Each piece is handmade with the aim of creating a product that will last over time.

A RESAP piece requires the assembly of 2 to 3 second-hand products. The Moda, the brand’s iconic jeans, is the perfect example. Made from two pairs of jeans in two different colours that change according to what’s available. A piece of character guaranteed!

Find them at Galeries Lafayette

Visit RESAP Paris on the 3rd floor of Galeries Lafayette Paris Haussmann in the (RE)STORE space. The collections on offer reflect the products we consume in fast-fashion. In the brand’s dressing room you’ll find unique ready-to-wear models: jackets, trousers, shirts and a selection of accessories such as bags and bobs.

RESAP Paris on M6 in “Qui veut être mon associé” (Who wants to be my partner)

Mona Boujtita and Daphné Grem’s company be all the rage. RESAP Paris has received support from three of the show’s entrepreneurs: Delphine André, Éric Larchevèque and Jean-Pierre Nadir.

Coupole Store – 3rd floor

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