Selection I Daily treats

To help you forget about the somewhat morose times in which we find ourselves, why not treat yourself to some comfort food in the Le Gourmet store at Galeries Lafayette Paris Haussmann, which is just brimming with an abundance of gourmet delights.

French macarons by Pierre Hermé

Nicknamed the Picasso of pastry chefs, Pierre Hermé is famous for tantalising foodies’ tastebuds with his delicious, world-renowned macaroons. In addition to his must-have classics (Ispahan, Madagascan Vanilla and Plaisir Sucré…) each season the 2016 winner of World’s Best Pastry Chef releases a range of even more original flavours. The latest flavours currently available at Le Gourmet are: Raspberry and Gingerbread, Mint and Bergamot, Shiso and Wild Strawberry as well as Candied Chestnut & Corsican Clementine.

Paris-Brest by Philippe Conticini

Renowned for his bold flavours, across both sweet and savoury dishes, Philippe Conticini has just set up his corner on the ground floor of Le Gourmet. There, you can indulge in the famous Paris-Brest cake, the dessert that made him famous. Adding his own twist to this classic pâtisserie, the pastry chef has added a melting praline middle to each of his choux desserts…giving them an extra dose of indulgence and a result that is quite simply exquisite!

Boissier confectionary

Created in 1887, Maison Boissier is a historic name, which still today perpetuates the unique expertise of Bélissaire Boissier, who once introduced his now legendary creations to the well-to-do in Paris. The ingenious confectioner is the person who created the original “boiled sweet” and the first candied chestnut…sweets that the brand still sells to this day, contained in brilliant retro metal tins, just like those of yesteryear.

Chocolates by Pierre Marcolini 

Master chocolatier renowned amongst his peers, Pierre Marcolini makes over 150 types of chocolate treats in his boutiques: ganaches, pralines, tablets, truffles, marshmallows and pallets…Every year the iconoclastic chef scours the four corners of the globe to unearth the rarest types of cacao to create his grands crus chocolates. His aim? To provide rare and unexpected emotions through his delicious creations.


Yann Couvreur’s Reunion Island blue vanilla flan 

A rising star in the baking world for several years now, Yann Couvreur has been at the entrance to Le Gourmet since 2018. As well as Gugelhupfs, galette bressanes and other flaky brioches, there you can also discover his signature creation: the Reunion Island blue vanilla flan. With perfectly caramelised pastry layers, a gorgeous golden colour and plentiful vanilla seeds, this dessert is as stunning to look at as it is to eat. Using a slightly different recipe to the classic flan with an airy texture similar to a mille-feuille cream, it nevertheless has an especially delicious vanilla flavour.


An eclair from L’Éclair de Génie

An enthusiastic advocate of the sweet treat, in 2012 Chrisophe Adam opened L’Éclair de Génie, a concept dedicated exclusively to eclairs, its signature creation, which he has perfected like no other. The undisputed icon of this delicious dessert makes the eclair in all its forms, including in some highly original combinations! Mango and passion fruit, strawberry and pistachio, lemon yuzu-marshmallow and coconut, raspberry and lychee…He crafts his pastries with delicacy and elegance in his Paris based laboratories, to bring customers a unique experience, full of colour and full of flavour!

Calissons by Le Roy René 

Inscribed into the living heritage of Aix-en-Provence, the history of the Calisson dates back to the King René period of the 15th century. Legend states that the King’s confectioner made this sweet to surprise Queen Jeanne on her wedding day, who named the famous treats “Calissons” after the French word “câlins”, meaning “hugs”. Since then, Le Roy René has navigated the ages without losing any of its confectioner expertise and the delicious delicacies, made from sweet almonds, candied melon, orange peel and royal icing, continue to win fans around the world.  Available on the lower floor of Le Gourmet store.