Shoe repair centre

VEJA offers a shoe repair centre on the 4th floor of the Coupole store to breathe new life into your shoes, and more besides.

You need to clean or repair your pair of shoes, come and drop them off at the VEJA shoe repair shop. Unfortunately, your trainers are too damaged, so do your bit for the planet by taking them to the box for recycling*.

Affiliated to the VEJA brand, the shoemaker repairs all brands and types of shoes.

♻️ As well as providing the repair and upkeep services of a traditional cobblers, there is also a container for collecting and recycling* those pairs of trainers that are beyond repair. 

*This box is only available for VEJA shoes


Repairs, maintenance, adjustments and shoes.


For all enquiries, please contact them directly on: +33 7 89 02 58 72

Coupole Store – 4th floor

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