In 2022, the Galeries Lafayette Paris Haussmann invited the French artist duo Gaëlle Gabillet and Stéphane Villard from Studio GGSV for an exclusive carte blanche at the Parisian department store; a tribute to contemporary creation orchestrated in a historic monument, emblematic of the Art Nouveau style.

A contemporary eye of heritage

Inspired by the history and architecture of the store, Studio GGSV has taken permanent possession of one of the Coupole store’s historic staircases to present Stairway To Heavens, a work depicting an unusual panorama that unfolds over the floors, featuring worlds of changing materiality inspired by the Galeries Lafayette’s unique architectural and decorative heritage.

Deployed over five floors, this work invites visitors to wander through immersive trompe-l’œil panoramas, created from digital images and accompanied by original lighting fixtures.

With this perennial artistic commission, Studio GGSV initiates a singular conversation between its aesthetic and that of the department store, and signs its reunion with the Galeries Lafayette Paris Haussmann, for whom it had already imagined the exhibition Demain le Vaisseau Chimère in 2018 at the Galerie des Galeries.

Studio GGSV

Gaëlle Gabillet and Stéphane Villard joined forces at Studio GGSV in 2011, after collaborating on “{Objet} Trou Noir”, a manifesto project that won the Carte blanche VIA 2011 award and joined the Centre Pompidou’s permanent collection in 2017. Since then, they have developed a multi-disciplinary practice, ranging from curatorial work to object design, scenography and interior architecture. 

The artist duo sees space as a place for design experimentation. Their work creates illusion, blurring the boundaries between the real and the unreal, questioning object culture and functionality through dreamlike pop creations.

More information about the work and the artist here

Find the different access points to the Stairway to Heavens staircase in the Coupole store

  • Beginning of the staircase on the first floor of Porte Antin (23 rue de la Chaussée d’Antin), after the VIP reception area.
  • R+1 Coupole next to the duty-free area.

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