The Christmas Beehive

For the Christmas season, Galeries Lafayette Paris Haussmann is turning into a fantasy beehive. The gilding is honey, the department store’s alcoves have turned into honeycombs, and the dome has become a festive sky with a magical Christmas tree standing tall underneath. The beehive is buzzing with activity and each bee has a role to play in preparing this extraordinary Christmas, from adorning the window displays on boulevard Haussmann to selecting toys to decorating the tree. The winter flowers growing nearby help the bees make it through the cold season. After filling up on nectar and pollen, some stay behind to make Christmas presents in a decor that combines amber and traditional red velvet, while others go off on a winter adventure to forage for the sweetest sustenance that winter has to offer.

A Magical Christmas

This year, bees are the heroes of the department store. They are everywhere – busy and ready to make the most beautiful gifts. You can spot them in window displays, they forage in the winter flowers growing all around, and they top the giant Christmas tree beneath the dome, offering the very sweetest that winter has to give. Come discover the magnificent tree and stunning decorations in the windows of Galeries Lafayette Haussmann. 

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A Good Christmas

This year, choose more responsible Christmas shopping options at Galeries Lafayette Paris Haussmann. Discover our selection of clothes, accessories and beauty products that are imbued with style and meaning and that meet the specifications of Go For Good. 

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Festive tables

Is there anything better than escaping the end-of-the-year buzz and sitting down together around a beautifully set Christmas table? Discover exclusive offers from Galeries Lafayette Paris Haussmann that will whet your appetite.

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Curl up in winter’s sweet embrace, sparkle with finesse and snuggle up with all things chic. Discover the fashion selection from Galeries Lafayette Paris Haussmann and really shine. 

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Christmas services

Discover all the services offered by Galeries Lafayette Paris Haussmann to make your Parisian shopping experience as smooth as possible. 

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