The Renata França method by Nathalie Duarte

Nathalie Duarte is a physiotherapist and osteopath who relieves and helps clients using manual therapies based on the Renata França method.

“A unique method to be used as often as you like”

After discovering this revolutionary technique, Nathalie Duarte trained in São Paulo and is now an ambassador for the Renata França method.

The Renata França method helps to boost the lymphatic system, relieve digestive problems and swollen legs, improve sleep and treat cellulite, whether watery, fatty or fibrous.

The essentials include…

Lymphatic drainage

With firm pressure and a fast rhythm, lymphatic drainage with the Renata França method is made up of exclusive pumping movements and manoeuvres that ensure immediate results.

Miracle face

With an immediate lifting effect, this facial massage deflates and accentuates the shape of the face and encourages the skin’s natural revitalisation. Its function is to drain excess fluid and water retention to give the face a new contour.

Miracle touch

This protocol combines exclusive manoeuvres from lymphatic drainage and remodelling techniques. It works like immediate manual liposculpture as the body becomes much more contoured and reshaped.

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