The top 10 best places to stay in Paris by district

Discover the ultimate list of the top 10 best places to stay in Paris, ensuring an unforgettable experience during your visit.

Paris escapes – the top 10 best places to stay in Paris for a memorable trip

Whether you’re planning a romantic getaway, a family vacation, or a solo adventure, choosing the perfect place to stay in Paris is essential for an unforgettable experience.

We’ve put together a list of the top 10 best places to stay in Paris, France by district (arrondissement in French). You may not know it, but Paris is not that large and quite easy to travel around by metro, bus, or on foot. The city is split into 20 districts, each with its own unique charm. 

From luxurious hotels with breathtaking views to charming boutique apartments in the heart of the city, there’s something to suit every traveler’s taste and budget. 

Whether you’re looking for somewhere to stay near the main Paris landmarks or an out-of-the-way location, Paris has a wide range of exclusive, mid-range, and budget hotels to choose from.

Let’s embark on a journey to discover the most exceptional accommodation Paris has to offer!

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How the Parisian arrondissements are organized

Paris is divided into 20 administrative districts, or arrondissements, with the 1st arrondissement located at the heart of the city near the historical Notre-Dame Cathedral. As you move outward, each arrondissement increases in number. 

The arrangement culminates with the 20th arrondissement, creating a structured and logical layout that simplifies navigation for both locals and visitors.

Le Marais – trendy historic charm with modern chic

If you’re seeking a central location with a rich historical backdrop, Le Marais is the perfect choice.

Staying in Le Marais in the 3rd and 4th arrondissements will immerse you in the heart of Parisian life. Le Marais is considered one of the desirable neighborhoods to stay in Paris. Known for its historic charm and vibrant atmosphere, it offers a mix of cultural attractions, trendy boutiques, and a variety of dining options. 

The cobblestone streets and chic boutiques sit alongside each other, offering a combination of centuries-old architecture mixed with contemporary living. From your Le Marais hotel you can explore Paris at your leisure. 

This vibrant district, nestled on the right bank of the River Seine, is an ideal base for an authentic Parisian adventure. Stroll out of your accommodation in the morning for a leisurely French breakfast at a pavement café, watching the world pass by. Embark on a sightseeing tour of nearby Notre Dame Cathedral and the Picasso Museum before stopping for lunch at one of the many typical French restaurants.

For a relaxing afternoon, a visit to the Place des Vosges is a must. Split between the 3rd and 4th arrondissements, the building is a fine example of French architecture. You can wander through courtyards and enchanting gardens plus visit the galleries that depict the work of French artists. For the perfect quintessential Parisian experience within easy reach of the cultural delights of Le Marais, why not stay in this district? You’ll find exquisite boutique hotels within walking distance of the district’s many lively cafés and landmarks.

The Latin Quarter – a bohemian experience

The Latin Quarter is a popular location for staying in Paris. Its appeal lies in its bohemian atmosphere, with narrow streets, historic buildings, and a lively ambiance. This district offers a diverse range of cafes, bistros, and cultural attractions. The Latin Quarter’s unique character and central location make it a popular choice for many visitors.

On the left bank of the Seine, the Latin Quarter offers intellectual energy, charming streets, and a rich history dating back to the Middle Ages. Located in the 5th arrondissement the Latin Quarter is home to the prestigious Sorbonne University. 

Enticing visitors with its labyrinth of narrow streets and iconic bookshops, the Latin Quarter has a lively atmosphere that epitomizes the spirit of Parisian joie de vivre. For a taste of culture head for Shakespeare and Company, an English-language bookstore that’s been a literary sanctuary for writers such as Hemingway and Fitzgerald.

For a relaxing break, take a stroll around the Luxembourg Gardens with its manicured lawns, statues, and the enchanting Medici Fountain. With Notre Dame, Sainte-Chapelle, and the Musée de Cluny nearby, the Latin Quarter will take you on an immersive journey through the soul of Paris.

In the evenings the Latin Quarter transforms into a gastronomic heaven. As Paris’s oldest café, the upscale restaurant Le Procope blends history with typical French cuisine, from coq au vin to snails. However, this isn´t the only place you can discover delicious French cuisine. A visit to some of the best restaurants in Paris at Galeries Lafayette Paris Haussmann will satisfy your appetite.

If you want to stay in the Latin Quarter you’ll find everything from traditional luxury hotels to contemporary accommodation. This means easy access to the district’s vibrant atmosphere and a prime location in Paris.

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Seasonal price variations

If you’re thinking about booking a trip to Paris check prices out of season (January-February and October-November) as accommodation can be much cheaper than the rest of the year. Check out this article on the best time of year to visit Paris to suit your requirements.

The Opera District – for its opulent architecture and luxury shopping

The Opera District is a prime location for accommodation in Paris. Situated in the heart of the city, it offers convenient access to major attractions, upscale shopping, and a bustling urban environment. The iconic Palais Garnier opera house is a central feature of the area, adding a touch of grandeur to its surroundings. 

With a plethora of luxury hotels, restaurants, and theaters, the Opera District is ideal if you’re seeking a sophisticated and centrally located experience during your stay in France. Staying in the Opera District in the 9th arrondissement of Paris means experiencing the glitz and glamour of the city along with some of the best places to eat in Paris.

The Opera Garnier, a majestic opera house dominates this district, with its grand facade and ornate interiors. In the center of the Opera district, you’ll find the Passage des Panoramas, the oldest covered walkway in Paris, and a listed building. Another must-visit is the Grevin Museum, containing hundreds of wax celebrities such as Marilyn Monroe, Queen Elizabeth II, and Charlie Chaplin.

For indulgent luxury accommodation, the Paris Marriott Opera Ambassador Hotel is a sophisticated destination in the Opera District. Only one block away from the Galeries Lafayette Wellness Galerie, you can enjoy a relaxing treatment thanks to the €150 voucher you’ll receive if you book your hotel stay 7 days in advance.

The offer also includes a room upgrade (if available), a free mocktail of your choice, and a surprise gift. 

Staying in the Opera District also gives you easy access to the district’s cultural and shopping delights, including, of course, a visit to the most famous shopping mall in Paris, Galeries Lafayette Paris Haussmann.
With its Haussman-style architecture and hundreds of designer stores, the historic dome combined with the stunning ambiance makes Galeries Lafayette a symbol of Parisian elegance. Explore the lavish boutiques, savor gourmet delights at the restaurants, and witness panoramic views of the city from the rooftop terrace. If you’re in need of a little relaxation a visit to the Galeries Lafayette Wellness Center will rejuvenate you.

Saint-Germain-des-Prés – a historic neighborhood

Saint-Germain-des-Prés is one of the premier areas to stay in Paris. Known for its intellectual and artistic history, the neighborhood exudes a timeless charm. Saint-Germain-des-Prés is home to iconic cafes, historic streets, and a vibrant cultural scene. The proximity to landmarks like the Louvre and the Notre-Dame Cathedral, along with its abundance of galleries, boutiques, and eateries, contributes to its popularity among visitors seeking a refined and culturally rich experience in the heart of Paris.

Stay in the Saint-Germain-des-Prés district of Paris and discover a world where literary and artistic legacies intertwine with the charm of cobbled streets and sidewalk cafés. This historic neighborhood in the 6th arrondissement on the left bank of the Seine exudes intellectual flair, having been a base for philosophers, writers, and artists for centuries. 

Explore the Saint-Sulpice church, known for its stunning architecture and association with The Da Vinci Code novel. As one of the tallest churches in Paris, this 17th-century church is a history-lovers delight. For a peaceful afternoon, the Luxembourg Gardens are nearby, a serene oasis amid the city.

Every corner of this district resonates with the spirit of artistic and intellectual pursuits. Stroll along the Seine and you’ll discover independent bookshops, art galleries, and 

boutiques that capture the essence of Saint-Germain-des-Prés. 

For a French café au lait and maybe to spot a celebrity head for Café de Flore – the ambiance will transport you to a bygone era.

Whether you prefer a 5-star retreat or a quiet hotel nestled in the pretty streets of Saint-Germain-des-Prés, there’s a range of accommodation to choose from. You can explore the neighborhood after a leisurely breakfast at a pavement café before heading into the city center to see the landmarks.

Montmartre – for authentic artistic heritage

Perched on a hill on the right bank of the Seine, Montmartre offers panoramic views of the city and a rich cultural tapestry that captivates visitors. The bohemian atmosphere and pretty street cafés give a different view of the bustle of the center of Paris. 

Located in the 18th arrondissement, Montmartre is full of narrow winding streets echoing the footsteps of legendary artists such as Picasso and Van Gogh. The village-like atmosphere provides a retreat from the busy city, while its artistic legacy adds a touch of romance and inspiration to your stay. With its captivating charm, panoramic views, and artistic allure, staying in Montmartre ensures an authentic Parisian experience.

Start your exploration of Montmartre at the symbolic Sacré-Cœur Basilica, set atop the highest point in the city. As you ascend the steps, the breathtaking panoramic views of Paris unfold before you, making the perfect photo opportunity. 

Visit the Montmartre Museum, in the former studios of artists like Renoir and Suzanne Valadon. The Museum pays homage to the district’s artistic past and offers a glimpse into the lives of the artists who once called Montmartre home.

The cultural theme continues as you wander through the Place du Tertre, a charming square where artists display their work. 

As evening descends, you can take part in the vibrant nightlife of Pigalle, neighboring Montmartre. Here you can watch the famous cabaret, the Moulin Rouge. Montmartre is a canvas of history, art, and culture, inviting you to wander its picturesque streets.If you’re looking for opulence amid the artistic allure of Montmartre you’ll find some of the best hotels in Paris in this district combined with a selection of budget accommodation. A stay here puts you in the heart of Montmartre’s artistic ambiance and is the ideal base to explore the rest of Paris.

The Champs-Élysées – grandeur and luxury

Luxurious and prestigious, this area is famous for quality shopping, theaters, and the splendor of the Avenue des Champs-Élysées. Staying in the Champs-Élysées district of Paris is a rendezvous with sophistication coupled with the epitome of Parisian elegance. 

This magnificent avenue in the 8th arrondissement offers a memorable stay in Paris. The Champs-Élysées is the place to stay if you want to visit the main Paris attractions without having to travel too far. 

A leisurely stroll along the Champs-Élysées takes you to the Place de la Concorde, where the Obelisk of Luxor and the majestic fountains echo history. Marvel at the Arc de Triomphe, a symbol of French triumph and climb its steps for a panoramic view of the city, from the Eiffel Tower to the Louvre. Do this at night and you’ll be treated to an unforgettable vista of the twinkling lights of Paris.

If you love to shop, you should also make time for some retail therapy at the luxury boutiques, such as Louis Vuitton and Cartier, that line the Champs-Élysées. 

If you don´t have the time to visit lots of different stores head for Galeries Lafayette, where you’ll find all the big brands under one roof. The Galeries Lafayette store on the Champs-Élysées is the perfect place to find souvenirs of your visit to Paris. 

For a cultural interlude, and a break from shopping, visit the Grand Palais, an architectural masterpiece hosting art exhibitions and events. 

If you want to experience more of Europe than just France, book a stay at our partner hotel the Italian-themed Bulgari Hotel. Combing both Parisian and Italian style this is the perfect location to relax while being based in the center of Paris’s chic shopping district. With a spa, pool, and its refined ambiance, the Bulgari offers an oasis of peace in the center of Paris.

Another of our partner hotels in this district is the Faubourg Saint-Honoré. This elegant hotel is within easy reach of the Arc de Triomphe, the Élysée Palace, and all the luxury boutiques on the Champs Élysées. This 5-star hotel exudes a sense of Parisian charm and promises a memorable stay.In the evening you can dine at one of the elegant restaurants on the Champs-Élysées, or at the hotels, before catching a show at the Théâtre des Champs-Élysées. Alternatively, you can experience a selection of international cuisine at one of the gourmet restaurants in the main Galeries Lafayette mall in Boulevard Haussmann. 

Palais Bourbon – a stone’s throw from the Eiffel Tower

Choosing to stay in the 7th arrondissement of Paris, near the Eiffel Tower, is an immersion into the quintessential Parisian experience. Named after the National Assembly, you can view the Iron Lady from most locations in Palais Bourbon. 

Palais Bourbon enjoys a central location, providing convenient access to iconic landmarks like the Musée d’Orsay and the Louvre. The district’s proximity to the Seine allows walks along the riverbank or scenic boat cruises, offering a serene escape from the urban hustle.

This upscale neighborhood combines historic charm with breathtaking views, making it an ideal place if you want to stay near Paris’s most famous landmark.

Begin the day with a gentle walk along the Seine, with the Eiffel Tower in constant view – perfect for photographs. As you approach the Trocadéro Gardens, pause to take in the panoramic view of the tower against the Parisian skyline—a sight that epitomizes the romance of the city.

For a bird’s-eye view of Paris, you can ascend the Eiffel Tower in a lift. Either go all the way to the viewing platform at the top or stop at the first or second level. On the way back down you’ll find several restaurants and cafés to take a refreshment while viewing the city from another angle.

After your visit to this epic landmark, you can wander through the Champ de Mars. This vast green space at the tower’s base is perfect for a leisurely picnic or a moment of contemplation.

Then visit the Musée d’Orsay, located nearby, which houses an impressive collection of French art, including works by Monet, Van Gogh, and Degas. The 7th arrondissement also caters to French food lovers with its charming bistros and patisseries that line the streets.Staying in the 7th arrondissement gives you access to the enchantment of the Eiffel Tower, creating memories that linger long after you bid Paris adieu. You’ll find hotels situated just steps away from the Eiffel Tower to some a short stroll away, all capturing the essence of Parisian elegance.

Good to know  📝

Book your tickets in advance

By securing tickets beforehand, you not only guarantee your access to the landmarks of Paris but you also gain the advantage of skipping long queues. 

Pre-booking often comes with the convenience of timed entries, allowing visitors to plan their itineraries efficiently and enjoy each moment without the stress of uncertain availability.

Île Saint-Louis – a tranquil oasis in the heart of Paris

Choosing to stay on Île Saint-Louis in Paris promises a trip that’s truly unique. It’s an escape to a charming island suspended in time away from the liveliness of the city. Situated on the River Seine, a historic bridge connects the city to Île de la Cité. When you stay in this 4th arrondissement of Paris it feels like you’re stepping into a village within the city.

Take a step away from the conventional tourist path to walk along the narrow streets, where 17th-century architecture and boutique shops create an enchanting atmosphere. Pause at Berthillon, a legendary ice cream parlor, and treat yourself to the artisanal flavors while admiring the Seine River.

As you explore the island’s historic architecture you’ll come across the Hôtel Lambert, a private mansion with a historical past. Home to various dignitaries over the years, the building now belongs to a French telecom billionaire.  

Each corner of this island promotes tales of history and tranquility, promising a trip that’s not just different but also an escape into the heart of Parisian charm. The Place Louis-Aragon, a charming square, invites you to linger in its idyllic setting while street performers entertain at Pont Saint-Louis.

Cross the Pont de la Tournelle to Île de la Cité, where Notre-Dame Cathedral awaits with its Gothic splendor (currently undergoing restoration work at the time of writing, after the devastating fire of 2019). 

As evening falls, consider taking a Seine River cruise to enjoy the illuminated landmarks of Paris from the water.

Staying in one of the stylish hotels on Île Saint-Louis places you in the heart of the island’s enchanting streets while ensuring you can easily walk to the main attractions of Paris. If you’re looking to stay somewhere with a relaxed atmosphere this district is the place for you.

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Embrace the charm of Paris

Don´t always follow the map. Allow yourself the luxury of getting lost in the enchanting labyrinth of streets, where every turn may unveil a picturesque square or an unexpected piece of art. 

This is when the true spirit of Paris comes alive, making your stay an authentic, immersive experience beyond the postcard-perfect scenes.

Le Quartier Bastille – a lively district

Deciding to stay in Le Quartier Bastille in Paris promises a distinctive journey that will steer you away from the traditional tourist path. The eclectic energy of this historic district in the 11th and 12th arrondissements gives it a rebellious spirit. If you enjoy a vibrant atmosphere you should stay in Bastille – a canvas of contemporary art, lively markets, and trendy cafes.

Discover this district starting at Place de la Bastille, a historic square that once housed the infamous prison and is now the site of the imposing July Column. This column commemorates the revolution that took place during three days of July 1830.

You can also explore the Promenade Plantée, an elevated park built on an old railway viaduct, offering a unique perspective of the city. As you wander through the narrow streets of Bastille you’ll see colorful street art adorning walls, contributing to the district’s dynamic character.

Stroll through the bustling Marché d’Aligre, an authentic Parisian market where locals and visitors alike browse for fresh produce, artisanal goods, and vintage treasures. This is a chance to buy authentic souvenirs of Paris to remind you of your vacation.

The nearby Canal Saint-Martin offers a picturesque setting for a relaxing walk, while the Opera Bastille showcases a modern architectural masterpiece for cultural enthusiasts.

For a taste of authentic French cuisine, sample the diverse flavors at the trendy bistros and multicultural eateries that line the streets. In the evenings Bastille’s buzzing nightlife comes alive. This is a chance to join in with the musical events and soak up the atmosphere. Centered around the famous Bastille Square, the eclectic bars and music venues give a different perspective of Paris beyond the classical monuments. 

From sumptuous hotels to chic mid-range accommodation, this is the perfect base for exploring the district’s creative hubs and cultural landmarks.

The Louvre – for an extravagant and memorable stay

Opting to stay in the Louvre district in Paris sets the stage for a special occasion. Renowned for its elegant ambiance and proximity to one of the world’s most famous museums, this district in the 1st arrondissement is the epitome of an indulgent Parisian experience.

If you want to be in the heart of the city and central to all the key landmarks, the Louvre is the place to stay. Well-connected via the metro and buses, this district is ideal if you want to see all the sights of Paris. 

A tour of the Louvre Museum, where masterpieces like the Mona Lisa and the Venus de Milo await is essential when staying in this district. The Tuileries Garden, adjacent to the museum, invites you to enjoy the sculpted greenery backed by fountains, providing a serene contrast to the bustling city.

This district is surrounded by iconic landmarks, such as the Palais Royal and the historic Pont des Arts, creating a unique historical ambiance. 

Indulge in the best haute cuisine at Michelin-starred restaurants such as Le Palais Royal, which offers a gastronomic experience that mirrors the district’s luxurious ambiance. For a special evening, enjoy a Seine River cruise, and see the illuminated landmarks, including the Louvre, under the Parisian night sky.

The Louvre district, with its splendor and cultural significance, is a fitting choice for a memorable stay. Its extravagant hotels, fine dining establishments, plus its proximity to the main landmarks ensure that your stay is a celebration of your visit to Paris.

Getting around Paris

You should also consider how you intend to travel around Paris to make the most of your visit. The Paris Metro, with its extensive network of lines, serves as a quick and reliable means of transport and links most of the districts. Navigating underground tunnels adorned with art and history, you can effortlessly reach landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, or Galeries Lafayette Paris Haussmann. 

The city’s bus network complements the metro, providing a scenic journey above ground, allowing you to absorb the Parisian atmosphere.

For a more leisurely exploration, walking through Paris reveals the city’s intimate details. Strolling along the Seine River, crossing its charming bridges, or wandering through the historic streets of Le Marais or Saint-Germain-des-Prés, you’ll discover a side of Paris you won´t see in the guidebooks.

Embracing the quintessential Parisian experience, cycling offers a delightful way to discover the city. With numerous bike rental stations scattered throughout the streets, riders can pedal along tree-lined boulevards and stunning parks, such as the Jardin des Tuileries or Parc des Buttes-Chaumont.

If you’re in a hurry a taxi will get you from A to B in comfort and is convenient if you’re dressed for dinner or heading to the theater.

Deciding where to stay in Paris

Choosing the best district to stay in for your needs when visiting Paris is a personal decision. Do you want to stay in a popular tourist area or in a more authentic, unique location? Do you want an extraordinary experience or the convenience of proximity of hotels in Paris to well-known landmarks?

The Marais might tempt you with its historic charm, while the Champs-Élysées district dazzles with luxury. Le Quartier Bastille, with its artistic energy, promises a vibrant, unconventional stay, while Île Saint-Louis provides an intimate retreat. From the bohemian allure of Montmartre to the intellectual atmosphere of Saint-Germain-des-Prés, each Paris arrondissement is attractive in its own unique way.

Before booking, consider your travel aspirations — whether you seek cultural immersion, artistic exploration,  culinary delights at the best restaurants in Paris, or a blend of everything. Be aware of your budget, preferred ambiance, and the attractions that are on your bucket list. 

The perfect Parisian stay isn’t confined to a single district, so you could choose to stay in more than one. Whether you’re a first-time visitor to Paris or a seasoned traveler, trying a new location opens up your opportunities to see more of this fascinating European city, the capital of France.

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