Tax Refunds

How does the Tax Refund service work?
If you are a non-European Union resident, you are entitled to claim back the 12% tax paid on purchases made at Galeries Lafayette.

What do I need to qualify?
In accordance with Customs Regulations (article 262 of the French Customs Code and Memorandum BCRD 1100835C). 
– You must reside outside of the European Union and be over the age of 16
– You must present a valid passport and original till receipts
– The tax refund form must be completed on the day of purchase without fail
– A 12% refund will be made on purchases over €175 made in the same store on the same day (this excludes customer services and Lafayette Food & Drink)
– Purchases made at certain brands* cannot be combined with purchases made in the rest of the store. *Louis Vuitton, Rolex-Tudor, Chanel (excludes fragrances)
– You must be staying in Europe for less than 6 months
– Final date for exiting the EU is 3 months

What do I need to do when I am in the store?
– Once you have made purchases over 175.01 Euros, make your way to the Tax Refund Desk on Level -1 in the main store (Coupole) with your original till receipts and passport
– Choose your preferred method of reimbursement
– The store will issue you with a tax refund form
– Copies of till receipts are not valid for tax refunds

What do I need to do on leaving the European Union?
– On leaving the EU your tax refund form must be validated by Customs at the airport, train station or border point within 3 months of the purchase date
– Before checking in your luggage, you should present your refund form with your purchases, passport and travel documents for inspection by Customs. Failure to adhere to these conditions will result in cancellation of the refund and a possible fine.
– Once the refund form has been validated by Customs, if you have chosen to receive a cash refund, please make your way to the designated desk at the airport, station or border point. For all other methods of reimbursement (see Tax Refund conditions), you should post off the blue form signed by Customs in the pre-paid envelope provided within 6 months. You should retain the other copy as proof of purchase.