Beauty and personal care products for men

The temple of beauty opens its doors at Galeries Lafayette Paris Haussmann. With exceptional personal care products and expert brands, you can enjoy a unique beauty experience right in the heart of the French capital.

Discover the best beauty products for men

Gentlemen, visit the first floor of the Galeries Lafayette Paris Haussmann Men’s department where the finest men’s cosmetics brands are sold. Beard care, hair and body products and green cosmetics are just some of the grooming products that will take pride of place in your bathroom.

Our men’s beauty and skincare brands

House 99, Acqua di Parma, John Master Organics and L’Occitane en Provence are among the many men’s beauty brands to be found at Galeries Lafayette Paris Haussmann. From expert houses to new labels that are shaking up men’s beauty conventions, the focus is on men’s beauty brands with increasingly more innovative formulas.


The coolest grooming brand today is coming to Galeries Lafayette Paris Haussmann. Since 2016, Horace has been revolutionising men’s cosmetics with its comprehensive skincare ranges designed to help men feel good about themselves. Horace is both inclusive and affordable, offering formulations that are at least 95% natural and designed without sulphates or harmful ingredients. Horace products are clean for the body and clean for the planet, with care products with the Go for Good label, the Galeries Lafayette movement that supports brands that have less impact on the environment and that best protect social development and local production. From face cleanser with Japanese activated charcoal to tonic lotion with sage floral water and beard oil enriched with castor oil, Horace has developed simple products in sleek packaging for a bathroom that’s 100% good.

Le Baigneur

Soap craftsman Le Baigneur  develops and manufactures its cosmetic products in its workshop-boutique in Paris using the traditional cold soap-making process. With a responsible approach in mind, Le Baigneur uses all-natural, organic products and favours locally produced ingredients for naturally healthy skin. The packaging is 100% recyclable. All you need to do is choose between the Toning, Exfoliating or Relaxing Soap.


66°30 is THE brand for demanding modern men looking for a simple, and above all responsible, beauty routine. With its ethical and organic skincare lines, the brand founded by Didier Arthaud offers beauty products that focus on the essentials: gently purifying, nourishing, moisturising, protecting, soothing and revitalising. From the Radiance face serum that provides a tanned complexion all year round to the moisturising fluid that enhances the skin to the purity range, 66°30 takes care of men daily with the promise of flawless skin. Check out the multi-purpose products that meet the criteria for the Go for Good label.

American crew

American Crew

American Crew was founded in Chicago in 1994. Since then, David Raccuglia’s label has become the grooming brand par excellence. With its fibre-like hair gel, shaping cream and revitalising balm, American Crew care products help men to maintain their beards and hair. For a natural look or an elaborate style, American Crew meets every need. Nowadays, Matte Clay is an absolute must-have. 

How to care for your beard in 5 steps

Whatever their style, from super-fashionable to businessman, men’s beards are a weapon of mass seduction, and must always be clean, even and well-groomed for an elegant look in every situation. This involves a carefully thought-out grooming routine. Here are 5 steps to a perfect beard in every circumstance.  

Soins barbe homme

Step 1 : Cleanse

Maintain a well-groomed beard by choosing a good cleanser, either solid or liquid, with will remove all bacteria. The result will be a fresh beard and skin that is free of impurities.

Step 2 : Exfoliate

Avoid ingrown hairs by using an exfoliating treatment three times a week. No more dead skin cells, blemishes or itching.

Step 3 : Moisturise

Next, you should moisturise for a silky beard. With the help of a beard oil, the essential care to keep in your bathroom, the beard is enhanced and the skin is moisturized.

Step 4 : Tidy

Tame your beard with a comb to avoid stubborn hairs and frizz. The beard will be neater, softer and more attractive.

Step 5 : Trim

Get a close trim with special clippers for a shiny, well-groomed beard that looks as if you’ve just been to the barber.

Come and discover the Alexandrom Paris salon. The salon is renowned for its legendary skill and will provide advice and expertise for trimming and maintaining gentlemen’s beards.

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