We have some bold combinations for you this Christmas: glitter, transparent spangles, sequins and much more, all to make sure that your festivities are truly magical. Discover our selection and become the Queen of Christmas.

Cecilie Bahnsen

Cecilie Bahnsen is a Danish womenswear designer. She draws inspiration from traditional techniques and uses them in an groundbreaking way. Cecilie’s elegant and dreamy designs involve the technique of superimposing transparent layers and opaque materials to achieve a modern and seductive look.

Coupole store – 1st floor.

Nina Ricci

Nina Ricci’s DNA is imbued with poetry, perfume, love and romance. The brand’s artistic leadership is made up of an ingenious double team: Rushemy Botter and Lisi Herrebrugh. These two talented young artists have given the label a creative dimension that has emotional power, excessiveness and audacity, all very distinctive. 

Coupole store – 1st floor.


A synonym for glamour, maximalist design and handmade embellishment, the artist and activist Ashish Gupta has poured his vibrant colours and his extroverted personality into his brand. Ashish adds a touch of refinement and exuberance to the looks he creates. Go for the casual spirit of the long lines or the elegance of the refined cuts and be bold in choosing the daring style of the short designs. Vibrant details make these eclectic creations really stand out. They combine sparkling touches, worn-out finishes and tongue-in-cheek slogans.

Coupole store – 1st floor.

La Double J

The brand La Double J began as a passion project. The designer J.J. Martin had been collecting vintage clothing and jewellery for twenty years and was obsessed with the prints and colours of 60s and 70s clothing. She drew inspiration from Italy and Italian women. The concept behind the brand is the Italian lifestyle: how Italians eat, dress, have fun, cook, decorate and spend their free time.

Coupole store – 2nd floor.


Using his strong identity, Jacquemus reinterprets the modern French woman’s wardrobe by playing with proportions and deconstructions. Jacquemus accessories are highly sought after due to their flamboyance. After designing ultra-large accessories, Simon Porte Jacquemus decided to switch to micro bags. Embraced by several celebrities, the micro bag has acquired It Bag status.

Coupole store – 1st floor.

Danse Lente

Danse Lente is a women’s accessories brand specialising in handbags and small leather goods. The brand focuses on leather inspired by contemporary aesthetics and modern architecture. Danse Lente bags are made up of original and unexpected details such as contrasting handles, XXL clasps and origami-style openings.

Coupole store, 1st  floor.




LELET NY is a modern luxury hair accessory brand. Their designs are inspired by modern architecture. The brand juxtaposes the feminine and the fierce, what is modern with what is nostalgic, and creates accessories that match the modern-day woman. LELET NY accessories are designed and made by hand in a New York studio. 

Coupole store – 1st floor.

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