The Jewellery department now welcomes you on the 3rd floor of the Coupole store. You will find a large selection of jewellery of unrivalled craftsmanship. From prestigious sets and contemporary jewellery to engagement rings, discover the must-haves from leading French and international brands.

The Galeries Lafayette Paris Haussmann costume and jewellery department

Under the glass ceiling of the hundred-year-old Dome, Galeries Lafayette Paris Haussmann reserves a prime position for jewellery in the very heart of the store. Circling the glorious Art Nouveau jewel on the third floor, the lights, lines and curves of this fabulous space form a new shrine for sparkling accessories. 

To encourage everyone to find or complement their jewellery set, this area provides iconic brands with exceptional balconies to showcase their originality as well as a jewellery curation area: La Bijouterie.

Jewellery for an evening out, for everyday wear, for a lifetime.

Top jewellery brands

At La Bijouterie, Galeries Lafayette presents a selection of designers ranging from the sculptural designs of Charlotte Chesnais, the pure lines of Vanrycke or the fine craftsmanship of Bohemian Rhapsody. Framed by scintillating crystals and exceptional alloys, La Bijouterie brings together in one single place articles to (re)assert and reveal your own personality.

The store for everyone unites under one roof the designs of Aristocrazy, Zag and Gas to enhance each and every silhouette. Come find the article that will make you sparkle!


ZAG Bijoux offers jewellery for everyday wear, designed to enhance each woman’s look.  The 316L stainless steel preferred by the brand is overlaid with gold leaf to ensure an extremely resistant but elegant coating.

In striving for absolute sophistication, semi-precious stones are cut in different shapes or in tiny gems, carefully sorted by craftsmen before being set and strung by hand.

Les Néréides

Founded in 1980, the French Les Néréides house adopts its expertise from fine jewellery to create quality pieces for accessible prices. The brand sources its inspiration from nature, mythology and animals, and designs collections of poetic jewellery steeped in goodwill.

Rings, bracelets and earrings are produced by hand; several lines of vibrant colours embody sophistication and romance to provide a unique, radiant style. A unique jewellery line to be discovered at Galeries Lafayette Haussmann.


Founded in 1994, DJULA has gradually established itself as an avant-garde House, reinventing the codes of traditional jewelry with bold creations and a unique style, both romantic and rebellious. DJULA jewelry creations invite everyone to express their personality by accumulating without limits, to reveal their originality and shine in all circumstances.

True to the conviction that luxury should be within everyone’s reach, DJULA opens the doors to a world where elegance is an everyday reality, where desires are transformed into sparkling reality, where diamonds are no longer inaccessible

The Wellness Galerie, also carries the brand’s collection of vintage piercings, studded with gold and diamonds, to be mixed and matched for a sophisticated look. 


A brand of the Suárez family, Aristocrazy came into being in 2010 so as to meet the demands of the modern, cosmopolitan woman.

The brand presents jewellery as a complement to fashion, authentic and designed so that every woman can enjoy every day fully, no matter what the occasion or personal style.

Gas Bijoux

Since 1969, Gas Bijoux has been the reference for Costume Jewellery with its accessible collections, produced in a workshop located in the heart of Marseilles. Inspired by the sun and the sea, Gas Bijoux creations are luminous, colourful and original. A bit retro, the Gas Bijoux house dazzles with its unique jewellery pieces full of character and crafted by hand, already adopted by all fashion fans.

These jewellery aficionados perpetuate the radiant elegance of the South every season with a series of mother of pearl earrings, sophisticated golden bracelets, dazzlingly long necklaces and colourful cuff bracelets. Gas Bijoux also invades men’s dressing rooms with exceptional vibrant and timeless jewellery pieces.


Driven by the urge of its founder,Nawal Laoui to introduce a more contemporary approach to jewellery, the Persée label offers laser drilled diamonds, free of any crimping. The unique pieces, delicate and refined, enhance your appearance while remaining discreet.

Book an appointment to have laser welded an Eternam jewel forever, never to take it off. With the Chaine Lab installation to seal a bond of love, friendship or brotherhood.

Sophie d’Agon 

Designed in Paris and crafted by hand in Portugal in recycled 18-carat gold and decorated with precious gems, Sophie d’Agon jewellery celebrates sparkling, audacious femininity. 

The brand’s collections are an invitation to travel through time around the world through landscapes and eras that enthral the designer.

Rosa Maitea

After having learned about the human and environmental costs of jewellery production, Patricia Pereda launched her Rosa Maitea brand with a view to helping this sector become less opaque and more equitable. As a result, all the gold and diamonds used are recycled, the gems are 100% traceable and the models are adapted to available stones.


Founded in 2014 by Paola Sasplugas and her brother Humbert, PDPAOLA was inspired by the designer’s love for jewellery. With the goal of revolutionising the jewellery industry, the brand melds artisanal manufacture with the latest technologies so as to offer contemporary pieces dedicated to the independent women of today, with a smart, sleek style.


Launched in 2007, Shourouk takes us to the heart of the designer Shourouk Rhaiem’s feminine universe, trendy, playful and extraordinary. Inspired by multiple sources going from Fine Jewellery and Pop Art to the Tunisian culture and the 1980s, Shourouk jewellery is worn – and noticed – both every day and on special occasions.

Virginie Berman

Inspired by her travels and search for unique and unusual expertise, Virginie Berman and her eponymous brand offer good luck jewellery, to be worn separately or combined.

Medallions, colourful silk trimmings and fine stones are assembled in her Parisian workshop where the designer carefully creates her jewellery pieces.

Jewellery Department – 3rd floor of the Coupole store

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